PetitMas: Friendships (Part One?)

by - 11:39 AM

Hello world! Welcome to another day of #PetitMas - I hope you guys have been enjoying this little series so far! Today is actually the day of juries, which in Music Major language means a boatload of stress. I wasn't sure how to really write this post as it's more of a reflection than an informative post but I'll just jump straight in.

The topic of friendships is so vast that the thought of conquering all the thoughts I have is almost impossible to fit into a short post. To narrow things down, I'm mainly going to be covering the aspect of maintaining friendships in college.

Coming into college, I was initially worried about losing touch with some of my friends but that proved to be futile as I was able to still talk with a lot of them (thank you Internet!)

However, as I'm coming to realize, relationships are bound to change regardless of what you might  do to prevent that. College is coined as a time of self-discovery and whether that be good or bad, it causes people to change which in turn can cause relationships to fall through.

For me, one of the foundational blocks of friendship is trust. I've learned that time and distance can cause some estrange-ness but in the end, if there's that foundation of trust as well as occasional communication (if face to face meet up is hard) then friendships can endure.

  Take that picture on the right for example (Sorry friend, you're my example) - we've been friends since middle school and despite being in completely different states in both high school and college, we've somehow managed to keep in touch and remain super close. There are periods of time where we don't talk for months, but because of that foundation of trust, there's this understanding that helps keep the friendship afloat (and yes, girls and guys can be JUST friends).

When that foundation is no longer there, it seems that memories are all we can cling to in a futile attempt to keep what is no longer there. This sounds kind of depressing but I've learned that sometimes I cannot save a friendship if the other side does not have the same view of trust towards me as I do towards them. It seems that with college comes a flood of new ideas and then people who knew you inside and out come up with new definitions that they tack to you and disregard the foundation that was built.

I don't mean for this to offend any of my friends if they happen to stumble across this post (unlikely anyway), but I just wanted to get some thoughts out. My memories of high school and the amazing relationships I had with my friends will always be with me. It took me only 3 semesters of college to realize maintaining friendships is not something that can remain constant. I think I've finally come to accept that sometimes things cannot remain the same or be fixed and it's time to let go.

Sorry for the pretty depressing post, I'll blame the finals induced stress but it feels good to put my thoughts into words (even if it's super jumbled and disorganized). Thanks so much for reading and please come back tomorrow for another day of #PetitMas!

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