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Hello everyone! Today I'm excited to share my tour stop for The Poetry of Secrets  by Cambria Gordon as part of Terminal Tours' #ThePoetryofSecretsTour

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The Poetry of Secrets takes place in Trujillo Spain in  1481 and while reading I was inspired by the author's atmospheric and descriptive writing style so I put together a little moodboard that captures the colors of the novel.

images are taken from Unsplash

Isabel, the main character, is a poet in hiding and finds a lot of inspiration in language. She even sneaks out occasionally and attends poetry readings which were some of my favorite scenes in the novel. The beauty of language helped convey her thoughts and desires and even allowed her to make new friends from different walks of life.

I thought it'd be fun to share some modern-day poems/quotes that could serve as inspiration or hope for her journey in the story by other female poets.

Be sure to check out the other stops on the tour by clicking the banner below - thank you so much to Terminal Tours, Scholastics, and Cambria Gordon for the opportunity to participate in the #ThePoetryofSecretsTour!

Do you have a poet or poem that continuously inspires you?

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