a journey and a daughter's duty | daughter of the moon goddess by sue lynn tan

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We might be legends to the mortals, but the dragons are legends to us all.

 isbn: 978006303130 | pages: 512
     publication date: January 11, 2021 | source: tour
     genre: fantasy, adult, asian mythology, retelling
     rating: 8/10 

    A M A Z O N    |    G O O D R E A D S    |    B O O K S H O P * 
    B O O K D E P O S I T O R Y    |    B A R N E S A N D N O B L E S

the sacrifice for family
Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a stunning debut novel that explores the boundaries of duty for family, love, and kingdom amidst the gorgeous prose and wuxia imagery. Xingyin is the daughter of Chang'e and the hero Houyi and has lived her entire life on the moon. Unbeknownst to her, Chang'e has hidden her existence from the rest of the Celestial Kingdom, and her life begins to unravel when the Empress arrives. Xingyin finds herself on a journey that pushes her limits as she trains alongside the emperor's son, masters archery and magic, and embarks on quests to break her mother's enchantment.

Those in love often make promises they can't keep.

This story is immersive and magical with characters that grow on you as their journey unfolds. It took me a minute to place why this read differently before I belatedly realized that we are reading from Xingyin's perspective in first person. After that, it became almost second nature to slip into her point of view and experience all that she's goes through on her journey to reunite with her mother. The novel itself is broken into three parts and while the pacing sometimes felt inconsistent when furthering the plot, it personally didn't bother me because I was so enamored with the world. I loved how Xingyin was determined in her actions and despite all the curveballs that the Celestial Kingdom might throw at her, she doesn't lose sight of her family and her goals.

We will do things for our family - our loved ones - that we would not do for ourselves. Some might call us fools, Those who don't understand, never will.

the sacrifice for love
While I've only watched a handful of Chinese historical dramas, Daughter of the Moon Goddess made me feel like I was watching those beautifully choreographed scenes come to life in the pages. The little nods to the cinematography and stunning fights made my heart so happy to see them unfold in a fantasy novel. Like the wuxia dramas that I watched with my mom, there's treachery and betrayals, political manipulation and dangerous bargains, all of which made me gasp every time. At the end of the novel, I can truly say that I was 110% invested in Xingyin's story and watching her relationships develop and how she learns to harness her powers and her love for her family and friends (and a certain prince?) made her a relatable character that blossomed under all the hardships she experiences.

We should appreciate the flower, regardless of its roots.

It almost pains me to be finished with this story because it was truly a magical experience. I can only wait anxiously for the sequel as I cannot wait to be reunited with Xingyin and go on more magical journeys with her.

Don't blame the instrument, but the one who directs the tune.

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Sue Lynn Tan writes fantasy inspired by the myths and legends she fell in love with as a child. Both in Malaysia, she studied in London and France, before settling in Hong Kong with her family. 
Her love for stores began with a gift from her father, her first compilation of fairytales from around the world. After devouring every fable she could find in the library, she discovered fantasy books - spending much of her childhood lost in magical worlds. When not writing or reading, she enjoys exploring the hills and reservoirs of Hong Kong, the temples, beaches, and narrow winding streets here.
Her debut, Daughter of the Moon Goddess, will be published by Harper Voyager, in early 2022, with a sequel to come. It is an enchanting fantasy of love and family, immortals and magic - inspired by the beloved Chinese legend of Chang'e flying to the moon upon taking the elixir of immortality. 

Sue Lynn can be reached on Instagram @SuelynnTann, or on her website: www.suelynntan.com

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  1. so glad to see that you enjoyed this book! i feel like i've been looking forward to it ever since it was announced (which feels like such a long time ago lol), so i hope it'll live up to the hype in my head! i love that there were so many elements inspired from chinese culture, beyond the retelling factor. great review!!

    1. thank you so much may! there were so many aspects that drew from chinese culture and it honestly made the entire story so much more rich and vivid - can't wait to hear your thoughts on this!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you!! 💖 this book has literally been living in my mind rent free

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