Review Policy and Rating


review policies

book preferences
Age Range: Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult
Preferred Genres: Fantasy, Retellings, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism/Fabulism, Contemporary
*any genres not listed are still acceptable, they're just not my typical picks. However, I DO NOT accept and/or tolerate books that seek to exploit any sort of discrimination.

I qualify as an own voices reviewer for books labeled as Asian American and/or Taiwanese American though my experiences do not reflect the experiences of the community as a whole. As a person of color, one of my main goals is to promote diverse books written by authors from marginalized communities.

book reviews
All reviews are written by myself and reflect my honest opinions only. I do occasionally receive books from authors, publishers, NetGalley, Edelweiss but these do not affect my final review in any way and will always be disclosed in the post. My reviews are presented in either: individual (one post), mini (2-4 reviews in one post), or collection (mostly done for completed series) formats. 

For further information about requesting reviews and pricing as well as what reviews include, please check out this page.

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rating system

star rating system

 1 star - extremely disliked, would not recommend
 2 stars - not for me, would not recommend
☆ 2.5 stars - did not care, might recommend for others w/ different reading preferences
 3 stars - good, average, would recommend
☆ 3.5 stars - above average, enjoyable, would recommend
 4 stars - loved, definitely recommend
☆ 4.5 stars - amazing, highly recommend
★★ 5 stars - life-changing, highly recommend

I have also started using a x/10 average rating system which I will include in my reviews as well as I've found that this gives me a better understanding of my rating and enjoyment of a book:

1-2: disliked
3-4: didn't care for/ok
5-6: decent/average
7-8: good/great
9-10: love/best

The average is taken from several categories (inspired by the CAWPILE system): 
Writing, Atmosphere, World-Building, Plot, Characters, Impact

average to star rating
 1 star: 1-2
 2 stars: 3-4
☆ 2.5 stars: 4.5-5 
 3 stars: 5
☆ 3.5 stars: 5.5-6.5
 4 stars: 7-8
☆ 4.5 stars: 8-9
★★ 5 stars: 9-10