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I reserve the right to accept/decline requests based on my personal schedule and reading preferences. 
I will respond to requests as soon as possible, if I do not respond within a week please consider your request denied due prior commitments.

review requests include:
Links to the following - Amazon*, Goodreads, Book Depository, B&N, Bookshop* 
Rating: 1-5 stars + x/10 average
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*Links with an asterisk are affiliate links where when used, will give me a small commission at no additional costs to the buyer (as of 2/21/21)

additional content to request: 
Author Links/Bio
Moodboards, Favorite Quotes Graphics, Playlist, Casting

formats accepted:
Digitals copies must be sent in an easily legible file - .epub and .pdf files are preferred. I will also accept physical copies with a privacy agreement contract.

As I do not currently charge for reviews, I cannot promise a deadline for when my review will be posted though I will certainly be in communication. Blogging is a hobby of mine and I currently work a full-time and three part-time jobs so I won't always be able to prioritize reading/blogging.
If you do have a deadline in mind (i.e. before the release date) please communicate that clearly with me so I can keep that in mind.

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