Review: Breaking Sensation

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Breaking Sensation - 2nd Mini Album
| Release Date: April 18, 2017 | 
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars |

I wanted to review SF9's first mini album Burning Sensation when it came out but I never got around to it so I'm making sure I have a review for this album. 

When SF9 debuted, I was debating between stanning them and CUBE's Pentagon. Since I didn't follow their debut closely, I ended up stanning Pentagon first but after SF9's first two mini albums, I'm officially stanning this group as well. Wow, how many times can I say stanning in this paragraph...

Honestly, SF9 makes amazing title tracks. From their debut track "Fanfare" to "Easy Love" in this mini album, I have loved every single one. After I heard "Easy Love," it was pretty much on repeat for a whole week and I'm not even exaggerating. Their B track for this comeback "Watch Out" is also so catchy and such a great song.

Essentially, every song is really catchy and after this comeback, I can proudly say that I know every member which is pretty big since it usually takes me forever (thank you for different colored hair). I'll definitely be on the look out for their future comebacks but they should really rest as they've released two mini albums within 2 months of each other.

Time References for the YouTube video:
00:00 - Intro (이별 즈음에)
01:30 - 쉽다 (Easy Love)
04:57 - Watch Out
08:11 - 머리카락 보일라 (Hide and Seek)
12:08 - 이러다가 울겠어 (Fall Down)
15:10 - 왜 이래 (Why)

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