Review: Dear Aaron

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35290300| ASIN: B071X1NSV8 | Pages: 485 |
Publication Date: June 10, 2017 | Source: Own 
| Rating: 4 out of 5 stars |

Ruby Santos knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up to write a soldier overseas.

The guidelines were simple: one letter or email a week for the length of his or her deployment. Care packages were optional.

Been there, done that. She thought she knew what to expect.

What she didn’t count on was falling in love with the guy.

I picked this up on a whim because I saw Amy Harmon post about it on Facebook and for some reason I just wanted to check it out. Long story short, I picked this up yesterday and I finished it in one day. I don't think I've read such a long book (almost 500 pages) in such a short time for so long.

Anyway, I ended up liking this a lot more than I thought I would. This novel classifies as romance which I haven't read in a while so I was expecting something that would be a quick read but I found myself clicking really well with the characters.

“Loneliness even when you’re surrounded by others is something I understand well."

The beginning half of the story is written in email and text message format. At times, the plot seemed to drag on but I found myself really enjoying the gradual development of Ruby and Aaron's relationship. I read that Mariana Zapata calls her fans "Slow Burners" because many of her novels contains romances that are slow burners and Dear Aaron is definitely no different.

“Beauty fades, a good personality and chemistry doesn’t."

The development of Ruby and Aaron's relationship starts off as pen-pals asking about how the other is doing to becoming good friends before feelings start developing. I can definitely see how some might be annoyed by how slow things were happening. Personally, I liked the pace of things because each email and text revealed more of the characters and made them even more relatable.

“You're mine, RC. That's not changing.”

I've read a couple reviews where some find Ruby's character lacking but I found myself  relating to her insecurities and random anxiety moments. It's always easier to talk to someone online than face to face and Rubywas a really great portrayal of how I personally feel like my nerves would be like - sarcastic and outgoing in front of the computer and a complete dork in real life. 

I think I'm still on a bit of a high after reading this because I just enjoyed it so much - from Ruby's lame army jokes to their overall banter with each other. I really enjoyed this a lot and a part of me still wishes that their story wasn't over but I'm glad I got to see how their story began.

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