Decorating with Books in the Dorm

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Hello world! I'm super excited for today's post because I have the chance to work with Havenly to bring to you a list of my favorite ways to incorporate books in decor. 

Havenly provides online interior design aid with a range of packages that can assist anyone looking for some input on how to decorate their home. I took the little quiz to determine my style and as you can see from the little screenshot, I got Scandinavian with a touch of Contemporary.

The full description reads:
"Your Scandinavian side is defined by its balance of form and function, fondness of simple colors and striking use of rich textures. Your Contemporary sides loves to discover fun trends, but it also knows when to stick to smooth lines, subtle patterns, and subdued colors." 

I personally have never really thought about decor as much as my parents rarely focused on having lots of decoration around the house growing up. However, now that I'm in college and live in a dorm, I definitely spent a lot more time thinking about the presentation of my room (especially since I hide inside most of the time). 

When it comes to bookish items, I have very little to represent, but I decided to go scrolling through Society6 as it's a favorite pasttime and look at some cool bookish items that I would definitely add as decor pieces.

Fine, Make Me Your Villain - Grisha Trilogy book quote design - In White Throw PillowThe Trees Speak Latin - Raven Boys Throw Pillow
Pillows from EvieSeo
Black cat Art PrintLibrary Art Print
Print from LaureS / Maiso
Time to Read - Black Wall ClockWant - Books Aren't Afraid Duvet Cover
Clock and Duvet from EvieSeo

So here are just a couple of items that I think are super cute and would be suitable for decorating your dorm room in a bookish way. There are also some great wall tapestries but I didn't include any since my school doesn't allow of them (have to keep it realistic). 

In my room now, the only pieces of "bookish decor" other than my physical books have to be my mugs which don't technically count as official decor pieces but they add a bit of bookish love to my otherwise very cartoon-based room. Let me know if you have any favorites pieces and don't forget to check out Havenly to find your personal style and even chat with an interior designer for free!

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