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The Battle of the Labyrinth | The Last Olympian

I binge-(re)read the Percy Jackson series last weekend and by binge I mean I read 5 books over the course of 2 days. This series has been at the foundation of my love for reading for years and I still can't believe that this is the first time I am rereading it.

When I first read the Percy Jackson series in 5th grade, I remember flying through the books and loving every minute. Almost 10 years later (8-9 to be more exact), I found myself in the same situation. The story is just as addicting as it was the first time and the characters just as fun. However, I came across a couple realizations that didn't quite hit me the first time around so I thought I'd talk about it (mild spoilers ahead).

⚔️ I didn't connect with the characters as much: This could very well be an age thing as I am in a completely different life stage now compared to the characters. The bright side is that I still managed to love the story and the characters but from a different perspective. Rather than feeling like Percy and the crew were my friends, they almost felt like younger siblings and it was such a weird but cool feeling.
⚔️ The Titan's Curse: This is still my favorite book in the entire series and I'm so glad I was able to reread it. I'm a sucker for the Huntresses and the deaths that happened in this book hit me just as hard the second time around as they did the first time. Also...this is highly unpopular but after finishing this book, the little unreasonable part of me is once against shipping Zoe Nightshade with Percy...
⚔️ Luke and Nico: These characters have nothing in common other than being some of my favorite characters when I first read them. I loved Luke for his anti-hero portrayal and who doesn't love Nico? The second time reading through, Nico didn't pop out to me as much. In fact, the DiAngelos in general didn't strike me as much which honestly just made me sad...Luke on the otherhand didn't wow me as much as he did the first time, he felt almost annoying with his constant appearances to thwart Percy's plans and trick Annabeth but I guess he redeemed himself eventually.
⚔️ Blackjack: A bit irrelevant but why did I always remember Blackjack playing such a huge role in this series? I mean he does save Percy from some unlucky positions occasionally but he doesn't really appear as much as I thought he did.
⚔️ Twists: I completely forgot some of the major points in the series such as spies and crazy geniuses (if you get my attempt to avoid spoilers) and they definitely added to the enjoyment. It made the whole series feel nostalgic and new at the same time.
After all these years one thing remains true, Percy Jackson is an incredible series that masterfully introduces Greek mythology into our world. I'm so glad I took the time to finally reread the series and I'm hoping that I can finally continue with Rick Riordan's series now that I feel adequately caught up

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