thank you but sorry - Apink %% (응응)

by - 8:34 PM

We are one day into the new semester and I already feel like I'm drowning. This morning was deceptively calm - I got up at 7:30, did a quick workout and then filmed a quick journal with me while I did a spread for Apink's new comeback.

The pictures are a little big cause I got the scale/sizing wrong when I was formatting my pictures but I think it turned out okay. To summarize my thoughts, %% (응응) took a couple of listens before I fell in love but I fell hard. It just didn't grab me the same way that I'm So Sick did (that song is still a masterpiece) but the more you listen to this just gets stuck.

And that's not even talking about the rest of the album. Again at first glance, I felt like the songs were good but after streaming it a couple of times they're starting to stand out individually. My two favorite B-tracks are either Push & Pull and Enough - they're just so catchy.

Apink is a group that just continues to expand their charm in the industry and I'm so glad I got into them. This new side of Apink shows the charisma of a mature group that has been in the industry and all the members are honestly shining (and Naeun has more lines - my ears are blessed).

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