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Today is currently July 16th and as of right now I have completed a whopping number of Z E R O books this month. All my dreams and ambitions of making a summer reading comeback are quickly being buried under a pile of procrastination, Youtube, and lack of motivation.

Amidst my struggles, the online book community has been thriving with a plethora of fun readathons so here is my tentative (and late) tbr in hopes of actually reading something this month.

THIS IS ONE of the most well thought out and exciting readathons I have ever heard of and also extremely chill. Created by Rachael Marie, it is a month-long readathon with different teams and competitions. There's actually a legit sorting quiz that you can take to find out which team you'll be on and each team has unique reading challenges as well as strengths/weaknesses. 

After taking the quiz, I got sorted into the O U T L A W S who are led by the Countess Psycho Nyx. The challenges for Team Outlaws are: 

crimson peaks - reread a favorite
queendom stone - read a book featuring royalty
the forgotten forest - read the next book in an unfinished series
the weeping falls - read a tear jerker
the bookie grail - read the group book Stardust

Honestly, I have a couple books on my list but nothing super set in stone yet. Some potentials include:
20821111  27237358. sy475   36329818
These three actually complete most of the challenges, but I'm still on the fence - at least for Legendary which is giving me mini migraines because I am not a fan of Tella...

THE READING RUSH is the traditional BookTubeAThon revamped and its makeover is looking pretty fantastic. They even have a fancy website and everything. This readathon runs from July 22-29th and you can earn a badge on their website for each challenge you complete. The challenges include:

purple cover challenge 
same spot challenge 
last year book challenge 
author's debut challenge 
non human character challenge 
book to movie challenge
five word title challenge
seven books total challenge

On my profile, I only have two books listed as of right now:
42133479. sx318   32702487. sy475
These two actually satisfy all but two challenges (book to movie + seven books total) which is kind of ironic. I definitely have other books in mind, but these are two that I have been itching to pick up for a while so I figured the readathon would be a good time to knock them off my tbr.

Since The Reading Rush is happening next week, I thought it'd be fun to knock two readathons down at once so I've got a pretty decent selection of books across the board. I'm usually pretty bad at being an active participant in readathons but I'm hoping I'll be able to interact at least a bit this year.

If you're participating in either, do let me know what books you're considering/reading for these readathons. Also, I'm pretty up in the air for a good book to movie adaptation so if you have a good recommendation please share below!

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