dancing with death and ambition | the redpoint crux by morgan shamy (tour spotlight)

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"It's why we all must learn to step outside ourselves and truly see life from another's point of view. Give people a chance to prove themselves before making a judgment."

Fans of The Phantom of the Opera and Black Swan will enjoy this thrilling debut.

When Megan Van Helsburg gets kicked off the USA Climbing Team, she has no choice but to return home and leave her climbing career behind. With no coach, no money, and no prospects, she joins the corps de ballet determined to improve her strength and agility. But the ballet theater is in dire straits. Not only do a series of murders break loose, but the ballerinas are becoming deathly thin and brain-dead. As Megan investigates, she meets Bellamy, a tortured young man who lives beneath the depths of the theater. Megan falls hard and fast for Bellamy, who becomes her mentor, but something is off about him.

It isn't until the company announces they're doing Giselle for the fall performance that Megan realizes the parallels between the ghost story and the lives around her. Megan must find a way to not only save her climbing career, but balance her feelings for Bellamy, and stop the murders and dying girls before she, too, is numbered among the dead.

This post was originally part of a FFBC tour - following the news that the company has harassed and released personal information of a blogger, I'm removing my affiliation with them. This post remains up because I truly enjoyed the book and spent a lot of time putting everything together. A summary of what they have done:

Please do continue to show support for Morgan Shamy's debut - it's a perfect fall read if you love Phantom of the Opera vibes and a thrilling mystery!
lyrics to highlight:

This past addiction, this love is like crack, the color of my heart is black - playing with fire
I'm in a maze, never let me wonder about days outside, I'm trapped in the maze filled with darkness - maze
The world is filled with question marks, there's still so much I don't know, thoughts and thoughts wash over me - spotlight
Are you fired up, no one can stop us when we burn up - turnt and burnt

I had so much fun making a quote graphic for A Song of Wraiths and Ruin so I thought I'd make one for a quote that really resonated with me. The original image is from Unsplash so all credits go to the original photographer (ballet shoes).
Quote from The Redpoint Crux by Morgan Shamy
Definitely pick this up if it sounds like something you'd enjoy! If you've read The Redpoint Crux, what are some of your thoughts?

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