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Hello friends! I used to feel a bit embarrassed whenever I would put a book down because of my mood-reading tendencies. One of the biggest struggles was actually remembering to get back to some titles so I thought that putting together a list would help keep me accountable. Here are six titles that I have temporarily paused in 2020 that are on the top of my tbr for the next year.
(all covers are linked to Goodreads for synopsis / more information)
ruthless gods by emily a. duncan 
I really enjoyed Wicked Saints earlier this year so the sequel was highly anticipated. A combination of early lockdown nerves and just not loving how the plot/characters were developing so I decided to put it down. The last book in the trilogy comes out next year so I'm hoping to read this one before picking up the finale.

where dreams descend by janella angeles
Another book I put down because I was antsy in the quarantine. I was in such a big "physical book" mood and just found it difficult to concentrate on my Kindle. I finally bought a copy and I swear the picture doesn't do the cover justice because it's absolutely gorgeous! This is probably on my highest priority list for 2021.

jade city by fonda lee
*ahem* This is probably my biggest "shame." I was so excited to participate in Shealea's (Shut Up, Shealea) #KeepingUpWithTheKauls read-a-long and was actually on track for the first couple of weeks. Then I finished The Poppy War trilogy and ultimately decided that I could not handle another Asian-inspired fantasy that would hurt my heart. After falling more and more behind, I figured it might just be better to put this down for now and pick it back up when I felt more ready to fully appreciate how amazing Fonda Lee's story is.

crime and punishment by fyodor dostoevsky
I was planning on rereading Crime and Punishment this year since I call it one of my favorite classics and it's been officially four years since I've read it whole. I started this in May and read a chapter here and there but after July, I just stopped picking it up so hopefully, I'll get to continue this reread next year.

if i had your face by frances cha
This book has some sentimental value for me because it was my first picture back on bookstagram after an almost 2 year hiatus. I picked this up in May for the Asian Readathon but, kind of tying back to why I put down Where Dreams Descend, I wasn't in the biggest ebook mood and ended up putting this down after the month ended. I'm still so invested in the characters and want to read more about their experiences as women in South Korea.

lobizona by romina garber
If you read my #LatinxBookBingo Wrap Up, I mentioned starting this and not being able to finish before the readathon ended. The original plan was to finish Lobizona before the end of October, but I got a bit carried away with work and kind of fell into a bit of a slump so didn't end up continuing. The premise is so interesting and I've heard amazing things so I'll definitely be coming back to this one!
I feel like I'm missing some titles but these are the ones that I'm definitely going to get back to next year.

Are you a mood-reader as well? Have you put any books down this year as a result?

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  1. I hope you're able to pick up Lobizona again soon! I really enjoyed it, and it's been such a long time since I've read a book about magical schools.

    1. I really hope I can get to it soon, I keep remembering you mentioned that you enjoyed the story! Ooh wait how did I not know there was a magical school in this? >_< That just bumps it up the priority list!

  2. Aaa I hope you'll be able to read Jade City soon, but then again, it was a good decision to NOT read it after The Poppy War. This was the biggest blunder I committed this year and thanks to that, I was inconsolable for a few weeks ksksks

  3. I hope you get to read Jade City and Lobizona soon, both are favorites of 2020 for me and I would love to hear your thoughts on them.