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Hello everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 (smiley) I'm so excited to be writing my very post after going self-hosted and can't wait to continue sharing more bookish and other life related content in the future. With a new year, it's only appropriate to share some of my hopefuls for 2021 so here's what I hope to accomplish.

read fifty books / read consistently
I set the same challenge every year so this isn't something new. One aspect that I am adding is trying to incorporate reading into my every day routine. When tracking my reading habits last year, despite reading more than usual, I was super sporadic in my reading consistency. I would binge 2 books in 3 days and then go for weeks without picking anything up. This would cause me to fall into small reading slumps and was just overall an icky feeling. So on top of reading the fifty books, I want to try and work on reading at least one book a week and scheduling time in my daily routine to prioritize that.

post once (twice?) a week
Of course now that I'm self-hosted I'd prefer not to fall into a hole and not post anything, but I'm extending this to my bookstagram as well. I admittedly get overwhelmed by everyone's visually stunning pictures and overthink when editing my photos, but I do enjoy bookstagram as a whole and re-joining in 2020 was definitely a fun highlight. For my blog, I want to try and get at least one post up a week but in my mind I really want to aim for two but we'll see how my life schedules out.

During the start of quarantine, I spent so much time each day just blog-hopping around and commenting on my favorite posts. Since September of last year that just hasn't really happened. I've loved interacting with different people, reading fun and creative posts, and just supporting bloggers. While I don't have the same amount of time as I did back in March, I still want to try and dedicate at least an hour or so a couple times a week to going through my RSS feed and reading/commenting on different blogs.

read my physical shelves
 According to my spreadsheet, out of the 131 physical books that I own, I have around 50 that I haven't read before (excluding duplicates). I also have a small list of titles that I'm on the fence about keeping in general so I definitely want to go into my collection and try to read at least 2 books on my shelves a month. If I run into one where I really don't want to read it, that's probably the sign to let that book go. The one thing I'm a bit scared of is that at least 10 books on the list are classics that I've picked up because the editions were pretty but I guess it's time to actually read them this year?

write my thoughts down
This was a goal I attempted a couple years ago - write my thoughts down for every book I read on Goodreads. I have one of the worst memories ever and I hate looking back on the books I've read and remembering nothing about them. While I've failed in the past to write a reivew on Goodreads, I saw Leonie from The Book Leo do a monthly recap in her journal for every book she reads and I want to try and replicate that. Mari from Mac n' Books also has super gorgeous spreads for the books she reads so I want to incorporate some of that as well into my journal.

I always get intimidated by big goals so I wanted to be intentional about achieving something that wasn't too much of a stretch. If you're a blogger or reader, which do you prefer -

posts on the same day(s) every week or posting anytime during the week?

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  1. Good luck with all of these goals, Riv! I hope you complete all of them :)

    1. Thank you Emily! Here's to a better 2021 💕

  2. riv i loved reading this post and good luck on your goals!! even though i'm going into 2021 with fewer goals than i usually do, posting consistently is definitely a goal of mine bc i kind of disappeared from the blogosphere in late 2020 lmao. and i don't think i'm ever going to go back to bookstagram, bc the platform isn't really for me and i hate the instagram algorithm 🙈 and im completely fine with you posting any time a week, anything that works for you, really!! once every week is already an incredible feat, and i wish i had enough time and dedication to post once every week on my blog :")

    1. btw this is caitlin from caitlin althea idk why my profile isn't showing up!!

    2. aww thank you for your comment 🥰 bookstagram is tough, i used to be super stressed about it but i've kind of given up on the algorithm and just post when i feel like it 😅 consistency is so hard but i'm excited for all you do in 2021!! 💕