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Hello everyone! I honestly had to rewrite this intro paragraph because when I first started drafting this post there was the slightest possibility that a contract extension was in the works, but April 2021 will officially mark the end to Mnet's Produce48 girl group IZ*ONE. I didn't think I would end up getting so attached to a project group but their discography continuously ends up on repeat whenever they make a comeback and after two years I'm a fan.

In honor of their time together as a group, I thought that I could compile a list of my of IZ*ONE tracks and comp them to books based either on title, vibe, lyrics, etc. 

la vie en rose 
strange the dreamer by laini taylor

This is honestly one of my favorite debut songs ever, it's just so catchy and the members embodied the elegant concept so well. The most iconic line of course is "this is my la vie en rose" so I wanted to pick a song with a really elegant and beautiful writing style. One of the first titles to pop into my head was Strange the Dreamer. While I definitely struggled getting through this book, Laini Taylor has one of the most beautiful writing styles out there and that makes her stories so enchanting even if I wasn't 100% on board with the characters or plot.

gods of jade and shadow by silvia moreno-garcia
The lyrics translate to wanting to be with someone who might be a bit mysterious or reserved. A pretty catchy song that holds a lot of yearning. One of my favorite slow romances that killed me with the yearning between two characters is hands down Gods of Jade and Shadow. A girl and the overthrown god of death have a very little possibility for a future but damn did their little moments hit me right in the heart.

the song of achilles by madeline miller
This song is a testament to IZ*ONE absolutely slaying and getting better with each comeback. Probably my favorite title track, Panorama is all about capturing the memories of unfinished stories to remember them forever. The Song of Achilles is one there I just want the characters to be happy and innocent forever and unfortunately with the source material propelling them towards a tragic ending, I would want nothing more than to capture those bright moments for Achilles and Patroclus forever.


beyond the ruby veil by mara fitzgerald
Probably hands down my favorite IZ*ONE track and one that I could not stop playing all of last year. The lyrics themselves speak about reinventing oneself and owning one's natural allure so I thought I'd pair this with a character who just completely captivated my attention while reading. Emanuela is anything but elegant and veers more towards blood-thirsting and ruthless in her ambition. In all cases, she'd probably be the last character to associate with this concept, but her magnetism is undeniable. She just has a pull that just makes the reader incredibly invested even if she's not the most likable person.

o sole mio
the house in the cerulean sea by t.j. klune
Direct translation for this phrase is "oh my sun" so I had to pick a book that I adore and that reminds me of the brightest sunny day. The House in the Cerulean Sea makes me smile every time I think of the lovable characters and after picking up a physical copy for my shelves, I've definitely reread certain scenes that will immediately lift my mood and give me all the warm happy feelings.

really like you
night of cake and puppets by laini taylor
I wanted to choose my favorite bookish couple and without fail Zuzana and Mik end up on the list even if I already featured Laini Taylor. While I'd probably classify their relationship as more high energy than this melodic ballad, I can definitely see Zuzana listening to this song in the middle of the night, post-date, where she's just filled with all the butterflies and feelings. 


This post includes just a couple of my favorite IZ*ONE tracks, I might do a part two of this in the future because I had such a hard time cutting down which songs I wanted to include. If you've listened to any of these songs and/or read the comp'd titles, do you think they match together or do you have any pairing? 

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  1. I love La Vie En Rose, it's so catchy!!!

    1. Literally one of my favorite songs, it's been on constant repeat this month! 💕