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"Peace doesn't mean all the bad disappears. It just means finding a way to live with it. Peace is keeping the darkness at bay long enough to get through the day."

    isbn: 978-1534456495 | pages: 482
    publication date: April 6, 2021 | publisher: simon pulse
    source: net-galley, Turn the Pages Book Tours
genre: ya, science fiction

a rebellion in the afterlife
Nami was ready to experience all the excitement that comes with graduating high school when she's murdered and wakes up in Infinity. Instead of heaven and hell, the afterlife is controlled by Ophelia, the virtual assistant everyone used on Earth, who has taken over and crowned herself Queen. Humans are given a pill to live their consciousness out in blissful servitude to Ophelia and her Residents and when Nami refuses the pill, she is rescued by the rebel human Colony and joins their ranks to take back Infinity for the humans.

The Infinity Courts is a story that was fast-paced but not at the same time. The first half focuses a lot of Nami's training sequences and her internal conflict between helping the Colony's cause and wanting to believe that the Residents aren't just mindless evil villains. The conversation between right vs. wrong, of who gets to live or die, can be a bit heavy-handed at times with a lot of direct telling passages rather than letting the reader draw their own conclusions. Personally, this didn't bother me that much, but it's worth pointing out as this becomes the main source of how information is typically delivered.

who deserves to live infinitely
The component that stands out out the most is honestly Akemi Dawn Bowman's writing. Her style has quickly become one of my favorites and she once again crafts a story and a cast of characters that just feel so vivid and real. Nami's battle feels justified even if she acts irrationally at times. Her refusal to stop hoping that there could be a better solution leads her to make decisions with her heart and that quickly puts her at odds with the rest of the Colony. For a story that centers around the afterlife, Nami's character embodies what makes humanity unique and how even after death, our consciousness gives us the ability to create. 

For a book that's almost 500 pages, it didn't read that long. While the story isn't intensely action-packed, there's this feeling of high-stakes that keeps the story going. I'm so excited that this is the first in a trilogy and with how the The Infinity Courts wrapped up, I'm literally dying to see how the rest of the story unfolds.
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a b o u t    t h e    a u t h o r
Akemi Dawn Bowman is a critically acclaimed author who writes across genres. Her novels have received multiple accolades and award nominations, and her debut novel, STARFISH, was a William C. Morris Award Finalist. She has a BA in social sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and currently lives in Scotland with her husband and two children. She overthinks everything, including this bio. You can find Akemi on Instagram @AkemiDawnBowman.

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