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Hello there! I am once again back with another drama to book recommendation post. Are these my new favorite things to write? Possibly. Unfortunately, with school and work slowly consuming me, I have very little time left to spend watching dramas so this might be the last one for a while until the next break hits. Regardless, I thought I'd share some of my anticipated releases for 2022 by recommending them to the lovely cast of DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE.

The moment I saw that Park Bo Young was in a new drama, it was a no brainer that I was going to watch it. DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE is a fantasy melodrama that explores the questions of love, family, and the impact one leaves in life. The story starts with Tak Dong Kyung finding herself with only three months left to live after discovering a tumor inside her brain. That, on top of realizing her boyfriend is a married cheater, leaves her to wish on a star for the destruction and doom of the world. Lucky for her, it happens to be Myul Mang's birthday and as the personification of doom, he'd like nothing more than to grant her wish. The two strike a bargain, Dong Kyung lives pain free for the rest of her three months and in exchange she'll wish for the end of the world before she dies. 

However, their bargain raises up questions and emotions that they weren't expecting and at the end of three months, Dong Kyung has to decide if the doom of the world is really the answer.

Tak Dong Kyung - Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan
Tak Dong Kyung is such a sweet character who really just gets the worst scenarios handed to her. However, she's willing to take everything in stride and learns throughout the k-drama that it's okay to rely on others and to break down when life simply gets overwhelming. Xingyin from Daughter of the Moon Goddess has to embark on a journey to the Celestial Kingdom after her powers are discovered and separated from her mother. Dong Kyung, as an editor for web-novels, would absolutely fall in love with Xingyin's journey and I could see it providing her some comfort and down time amidst the craziness of her life.

Myul Mang - Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen
Myul Mang is a sassy king who tries to deny his emotions but in reality cares more than he'd like to admit. Being the personification of doom, he would absolutely love a dark and twisted fantasy like Violet Made of Thorns. He would definitely be making the snarkiest comments as he follows the court politics and the maneuverings of the characters as they navigate the newly awakened curse. Based on what I've seen from early reviews, this story hits all the right spots and could make even Doom himself feel a thing or two. 

Na Ji Na - Loveboat Reunion by Abigail Hing Wen
Na Ji Na has quickly become one of my favorite characters ever - fiercely loyal and independent, she's someone who wears her emotions on her sleeves and has a tendency to get lost in the past. While I'm personally a bit on the fence about picking up this companion novel, I can 100% see Ji Na loving the dramatics that Loveboat Reunion is bound to have and it might even spark some ideas for her own web-novel career. Plus, it brings a tiniest bit of joy to imagine her freaking out over the drama to Joo Ik who would be completely unfazed. 

Cha Joo Ik - A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin
While he strictly drank coffee in the drama, Cha Joo Ik just seems like a tea person. As an editor, he has an attention to detail and a genuine heart that he masks behind his indifferent attitude. He would 100% by drawn in by A Magic Steeped in Poison's stunning cover and unique premise at first but then get lost in its prose as he starts reading. A magic derived from tea sounds like it'll be up his alley and the perfect story to unwind after a stressful day of dealing with his clients, roommate, and love interest.

Lee Hyun Gyung - Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie
Did I absolutely hate Hyun Gyung for a majority of this drama because he just got in the way of the best secondary couple in a k-drama? Yes. But again, this drama makes me all reflective so looking back I can appreciate his (slow) maturity and owning up to the consequences of his actions. Hyun Gyung is someone who is still very young at heart and as a result has developed the tendency to run from his problems and close himself off. I think he'd appreciate the self-discovery that Ophelia experiences in Ophelia After All. Plus, even though they may lead very different lives, he could still be inspired to continue his journey of self-reflection and one day may even be able to find his own version of happiness.

Goddess - The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh
The Goddess is a character whose every word holds a hidden meaning making her incredibly confusing and a little irritating. However, as the story progresses, more is revealed about her and the haunting juxtaposition that comes with being the personification of life and having to suffer in death. First off, 2022 is THE YEAR of gorgeous illustrated covers and I think she'd immediately be drawn to the intricate details. The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea also follows Mina who sacrifices herself for her family and her village, an act that will surely resonate with the Goddess whose very being is meant to be a sacrifice to pay for the wrongs of humanity.

Tak Sung Kyung - A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft
I adored Allison Saft's debut for its atmospheric writing and characters that warmed my heart. Tak Sung Kyung goes through a lot in this drama from learning of his sister's sickness to becoming more self-independent and mature. A Far Wilder Magic sounds like it'll have him absolutely enraptured with its haunting atmosphere, tender romance, and the thrill of the magical Halfmoon Hunt. He also just deserves the best heartwarming characters that I'm sure this story will deliver.

This drama was definitely slower and sadder than I expected. It tackles the difficult questions of death and one's legacy in a way that's quietly reflective through the lives of Dong Kyung, Myul Mang, and her family. I struggled at first to continue because of its slow pacing but after finishing the drama, it definitely leaves an impact on you that leaves you looking at life from a different lens and appreciating the precious the time you have with your loved ones.

If you've watched DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE or have any books you'd recommend to the characters, please let me know!

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  1. I haven't watch this one since I'm scared it will be too mellow and slow paced, but I do agree that Park Bo Young excels in the role from the clip I've watch and the character seems like such a sweet person :')

    1. I solely started this because of PBY but I will admit that if I wasn't watching with my sister and on 1.5x speed I might have quit halfway. In the end it's still worth it because the characters are just A++ (the pacing tho...😂)