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Hello there! Happy DAY FOUR of 2021's FIVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS where I attempt to post every day until December 25th. Do I sound like a complete Grinch if I admit that I made my first Christmas playlist this year? Maybe after years of both school and church choirs where we start rehearsing holiday music in September, I might have developed a small aversion to Christmas music. I guess 2021 is the year to change that because I've actually found some songs that don't make me want to wither up inside and yes they are mostly K-pop related. 🎄

my my - purple kiss

This is the song that inspired this post because prior to My, My I don't think I've ever paid attention to any group's holiday release. Purple Kiss is quickly climbing up my "groups I stan" list which is why I decided to give this song a listen and it's been on repeat ever since. The chorus is so catchy and I've been humming it non-stop, not to the mention that the music video also serves some major Christmas vies.

christmas without you - taeyeon

I absolutely adore Taeyeon and her Christmas album has truly been one of the few Christmas albums that I'll actually listen to during the holidays. Christmas Without You has to be my favorite solely because of her vocals which honestly, who is surprised? The harmonies, the backtrack, everything comes together so seamlessly and listening to the song make you feel like you're floating above the clouds while the world below is covered in a blanket of snow. 

the carol - loona

As an Orbit, I'm obligated to include The Carol on this list despite not listening to it that much until this year. 
😬 However, it is currently on repeat as I am writing this post so I can confidently say that LOONA's songs never disappoint. I also adore the music video and it makes me want to go out and participate in Christmas-y activities that I've honestly never really done before. 

you can cry - btob
BTOB is one of my favorite groups but one that I rarely go back into their archives after becoming first discovering them in 2016. Their winter album came out in 2014 and I listened to it for the first time while putting this playlist together. Needless to say, it's now an absolute favorite and there's just something magical about their vocals and the fluidity of the rap line that just makes each of their songs a masterpiece.

christmas memories - loving caliber, jaslyn edgar

This is probably the only English song that I've actually enjoyed listening to during the holidays. I first heard this song in a vlogmas video and actually liked it so much that I tracked it down on Spotify. Something about the lyrics just brings a smile to my face and makes me feel a little lighter and brighter. Not going to lie it also makes me low-key feel majorly single because it's just such an adorable song.

Who would've thought that making a Christmas playlist would actually put me in the mood to listen to Christmas music two days before the actual holiday? All jokes aside, I'm so glad that winter break is finally here and even though I can't exactly go right into rest mode due to my other commitments, this playlist is 100% holding me over until then.

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

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  1. I haven't listen to any of these songs but I'm definitely going too, especially Taeyeon's Christmas Album! I always love the classic christmas songs but my current favorite is definitely Stray Kids' Christmas EveL and Winter Falls!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Omg Stray Kids' song has been on loop in my head especially Felix's line!! I haven't heard Winter Falls so I will have to check that out! Hope you had a lovely holiday season! 💕