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Hello there! When going through my blog's archives, I realized that I've never done a Valentine's Day themed post which seems crazy to me but I guess I've somehow avoided it for the past five years. To remedy that, here is a list of six of my favorite love songs and which bookish couple I think fits the lyrics and/or aesthetics best!

taeyeon - all without you (hotel del luna ost)
a cuban girl's guide to tea and tomorrow by laura taylor namey
Lila and Orion have quickly become one of my favorite couples in YA contemporary and their relationship is as gentle and sweet as Taeyeon's vocals in this song. With their time together having a clear end date as Lila can't stay in England forever, I can just see the two sharing this song on one of their final nights and trying to memorize each other's presence. They are also absolutely adorable when it comes to being one another's support system throughout all the ups and downs.
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ha sung woon - think of you (her private life ost)
you've reached sam by dustin thao
As if I need another reason to cry - when looking at the translation for this song, the chorus reads - I want to tell you these hidden words now, I'll be there for you, felt like a punch in the gut and immediately I thought of this book. It's been almost a month and every time I think about the ending of You've Reached Sam, I can feel my heart die just a little bit. Needless to say, Sam is certainly on Julie mind and will be forever and even though they're separated, he will always be there for her. Damn now I want to actually cry. 
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txt - love sight (doom at your service ost)
spin the dawn by elizabeth lim
It has been a minute since I've thought of Spin the Dawn but the lyrics of this song immeadiately brought the cover to my mind. Edan and Maia are one of the softest and most precious pairings in YA fantasy and their relationship makes my heart warm and fuzzy. For Edan especially, being a powerful sorcerer who's lived for hundreds of years, his heart could quite accurately be described as frozen but it's Maia's love and dedication to her family along with her insane talent that starts to allows flowers to bloom. And now I'm a little bit emotional thinking about the two, maybe it's time for a reread?
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yuqi - bonnie & clyde
these violent delights by chloe gong
If only Roma and Juliette could be the 1920s Shanghai version of Bonnie & Clyde, I think my heart would absolutely burst. They have it all as heirs of rival gangs but deep down know that they are each other's ride or die for the rest of their life. I also just have this scene in an alternate world where they are driving off into the sunset with diamonds or just cash blowing in the wind and it's such a carefree snapshot that I wish could be a reality because they deserve that sense of happiness.
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loona odd eye circle - chaotic
the wolf and the woodsman by ava reid
Choosing this song to include on the list sent me down a LOONA OEC rabbit hole and it was absolutely glorious. This addictive b-track is all about the chaos and dizzying feeling that comes with falling in love and the first title that came to mind was The Wolf and the Woodsman. While Évike and Gáspár are far from your common romantic pairing - the fact that they start off as staunch enemies and have to work together to stop an evil prince and possibly kill a mythical creature to do so - well it brings even the worst of enemies together. Their thoughts are no doubt chaotic and could make a person psychotic but there's no denying the care and affection they gradually develop towards each other.
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key ft. taeyeon - hate that
the gilded wolves by roshani chokshi
I know that this is technically a break up song but I couldn't not include this masterpiece on this list. While the couple in question walk a very fine line when it comes to their relationship, the 15% of The Silvered Serpents that I read when it first came out was enough to make them jump out at me when studying this song's lyrics. The iconic "hate that you're happy without me" feels like a perfect late night song when it's raining and the characters are finally able to take a minute to themselves and just feel their feelings and the longing.


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Writing this post has made me so nostalgic of all these couples and now I just want to reread all the titles with their chosen song in the background. Wherever and however you're spending this sugar and hearts filled day, I hope that you are able to take a minute to relax and love yourself as well.

Do you have a go-to / favorite love song?

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  2. Omg you putting Hate That as OST for The Glided Wolves make me want to pick it up right now 💔 Also, Bonnie & Clyde is perfect for TVD!

    1. i swear the minute i gather enough courage to binge read the gilded wolves i'm playing hate that on repeat! after making this list i can't listen to bonnie and clyde without thinking of tvd 😭