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Pitched for fans of Studio Ghibli, Kalynn Bayron, and Elizabeth Lim, Rebel Skies brings to life a whimsical story in a world where Crafters have the ability to manipulate paper, cumulous whales soar the skies, and the beginnings of a political revolution between the groundling empire in power and the people of the sky. 

isbn: 978-1774883983 | pages: 338
       publication date: February 13th, 2024 | source: physical / tour
      genre: young adult, asian, fantasy
     rating: 7/10

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Rebel Skies had me instantly hooked from the beginning where we meet Kurara as she works on the Midori as a serving girl for the wealthy groundlings. We're introduced to the complex social hierarchy aboard the flying city which forces Kurara to keep her Crafting abilities a secret. When a shikigami dragon attacks the Midori, sending Kurara and her best friend Haru tumbling to the ground, she receives an offer from another Crafter to train in exchange for a hunting voyage on the Orihime. Determined to hone her Craft with the possibility of meeting Princess Tsukimi, Kurara soon finds herself in the sky once again heading straight into a potential political uprising.

The world of Rebel Skies is aptly compared to that of Studio Ghibli - from powerful airships to creatures made of paper, the world is absolutely breathtaking. Kurara begins her story full of this youthful innocence that is slowly shaped to reflect the world she encounters once leaving the Midori. Through her eyes, we get to explore the start of some thematic plot points that dive into man's self-righteous belief in one's natural superiority. The political elements that are set into place reflect the result of social prejudices and the belief in reclaiming a heritage that was lost. I'm honestly still scarred by a certain chapter ending and will continue to be spiteful towards the character who committed such heinous actions. 

Rebel Skies sets the stage for what is sure to be an intense and fast-paced sequel. With secrets revealed and trust betrayed, so many different seeds have been planted which leads to many different outcomes and I'm desperately keeping my fingers crossed that Kurara and her friends make it out unscathed. 

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