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My name's Josyi but I go by Rivalie (Riv) here - a nickname that I decided to use as my online "alias" when I started blogging in 2013. I'm a recent college graduate who studied Music Education and English in school and currently work as an elementary school music teacher.  🎹📚

I first launched my blog as Forever Obsession when I was in middle school to share my thoughts on the books I've read. As my reading tastes have changed, my blog has grown and adapted with me. I switched over to Le Petit Photograph in 2017 after I took a break from blogging at the start of college. In 2019, I changed the name once again to Small Stained Pages to reflect how I want to treat my blog as a journal to document the different chapters and interests of my life. 📝 In 2021, I finally took the plunge and bought my first domain dearrivarie and I'm so excited to see where my blogging journey takes me from here.

This blog is my little passion project and I want to continue to curate it into a space where I can share my thoughts on my recent reads but also expand my boundaries to include all of my interests. You'll mostly find book reviews but I will occasionally sprinkle in a discussion post about music, kdramas, and life.

Other than reading, I love journaling, painting, listening to music, and drinking lots of tea. 🍵  Admittedly, most of my art projects end up unfinished but it's the thought that counts right? I also love collecting stickers and cute stationery - I own way too many rolls of washi tape and sticker sheets for one person but it's fine...

me and some favorite things -
ISFJ | type 1w2 | tawainese american | stuffed animals | milk teas | books | kpop | ghibli | disney 

- how I rate -
★ 1 star: not for me (1-2/10)
★★ 2 star: a struggle (3-4/10)
★★★ 3 star: decent (5/10)

★★★☆ 3.5 star: enjoyable (5-6/10)

★★★★ 4 star: loved (6-7/10)

★★★★☆ 4.5 star: perfect (8-9/10)

★★★★★ 5 star: life-changing (10/10)

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NOTE: I've recently also adapted a 1-10 system which is based on an average of different elements of the story (inspired by the CAWPILE system) - writing, atmosphere, world-building, plot, and characters. This will hopefully be a more specific portrayal of how I feel about a certain book and I'll be incorporating these numbers in my reviews.

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