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Angel's Knock - 1st Full Album
| Released: January 2, 2016 | 
| Rating: 3 out of 5 stars |

Angel's Knock is the first release of the New Year so I was definitely excited for this album. I've listened to AOA in the past but never really got into them, but when I watched the web drama "Money" which stars VIXX's N and Hongbin (the reason I watched the drama) and AOA's Chanmi, I wanted to check out AOA's music.

On the topic of Chanmi, I never noticed in the past, but she rarely got any lines in the tracks they are promoting (Excuse Me & Bing Bing) which was a bit sad since she's one of the few people I know in the group. However, I think I hear her voice more in a couple of the other tracks.

The two title tracks are extremely catchy as with all of their previous title songs. I can't exactly pick a favorite out of the two but someone commented in the section of Excuse Me that the chorus sounded like "EXO kills me kills me, baby kills me kills me" and I can't unhear that now... 

Other than the title tracks, my favorite is probably With ELVIS which I believe is a song for the fandom. Feeling and Can't Sleep are pretty catchy as well, but With ELVIS is more ballad-y which is something I tend to gravitate towards.

I don't know what AOA's specific genre is as some of their songs have a bit of a jazz feel mixed with pop which is pretty cool. If you guys haven't read my review for WJSN's recent comeback (link), this album got put on the back burner cause that album has just been on repeat, but it's not a bad album and I definitely found a good number of favorites among the tracklist. 

Time References for the YouTube Video:
00:05 – Excuse Me
03:50 – 빙빙 (Bing Bing)
07:01 – Three Out
10:01 – 느낌이 오니 (Feeling)
13:24 – 불면증 (Can`t Sleep)
16:44 – Lily (Feat. 로운 of SF9)
20:50 – Melting Love
24:16 – 너 때문에 (Help Me)
28:01 – Oh Boy
31:32 – With ELVIS

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