Review: Red Summer

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Red Summer - 5th Mini Album
| Release Date: July 9, 2017 | 
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars |

I am so early for this album review I don't even know what to do with myself - I'm early to the point where I don't think Red Flavor has won yet on a music show (this is really crazy). I reviewed Red Velvet's last album Rookie which was the album that solidified my decision to become a ReVeLuv so I was definitely pumped for this comeback.

Red Flavor took a while for me to get used to - it's a very classic Red Velvet song with it's catchy beat but for something reason, I didn't click with the song at first. My initial favorite (and still my no. 1 in the album) is You Better Know which I'm actually listening to right now and it's just so good. I absolutely love Wendy's adlibs in this song. 

Back on the topic of Red Flavor, the song grew on me after a couple of listens and it's made its way onto my songs that are on repeat. I'm kind of obsessed with Irene's rap since she hasn't had a solid rap part in a title for a while and I wish it could have been longer. Another one of my favorites has to be Zoo which has such a fun tropical beat (especially that Seulgi-Tarzan moment). 

I'm pretty obsessed with this album and have been playing it non-stop in the car while sending my sister to camp. Keep streaming the MV so that they can win soon!

00:00 – 빨간 맛 (Red Flavor)
03:11 – You Better Know
07:22 – Zoo
10:47 – 여름빛 (Mojito)
13:52 – 바다가 들려 (Hear The Sea)

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