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Free'Sm - 6th Mini Album
| Release Date: August 3, 2017 | 
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars |

CLC IS BACK! When the teasers started dropping, I was beyond excited because I became a die-hard Cheshire after Crystyle and I just wanted new music from them. Free'Sm is completely different from Crystyle so there's a fair amount of disappointment from some of the newer fans who hoped that CLC would stay with the Hobgoblin concept.

Personally, I enjoyed Hobgoblin but just overall liked the tropical vibe of the B-tracks over the title track. Free'Sm is very different - especially their title track "Where Are You?" but every song is still so bomb. For those who enjoyed Hobgoblin, Track 3 (I Like It) and 4 (Call My Name) have a bit more of the Crystyle feel to them.

"Where Are You?" may not be the most upbeat summer-vibe song but it's SO GOOD. I absolutely love this song and can't stop playing this song on repeat. Other than the title track, I really like "Call My Name" because of the more tropic beat. They are also promoting "Summer Kiss" on a couple shows I think which is also really catchy and great.

While this album doesn't continue the Hobgoblin concept, it solidifies my stan of this group because they are so talented to be able to pull off so many concepts and sounds absolutely amazing. Please check this groups because they deserve some more recognition and don't forget to stream their MV (which is such aesthetic goals!!) so they have a chance at winning in shows.

0:00 - 어디야 ? (Where Are You?) 3:37 - Bae 7:05 -즐겨 (I Like It) 10:36 - Call My Name 13:36 -Summer Kiss 17:00 - 잡아줄게

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