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Demo_01: 4th Mini Album
| Release Date: September 6, 2017 |
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars| 

Pentagon is back!! I have been so pumped for this album ever since I heard the teasers and album highlight on YouTube. I kind of fell out of following Pentagon after their third mini album "Ceremony" because I just didn't like the title track (sorry...) but this was a complete 360.

"Like This" is so catchy and the line distribution is amazing. It's got the perfect blend of pop with small interjections of ballad-y moments and the best is super addicting. While they still didn't win, this comeback definitely made it pretty high and I'm just so excited for them.

This entire album is just so good that it's easy to have all the songs on loop. My favorite has to be "It's Over" because it's just such a heartbreaking song (and the chorus is mostly in English so I understand...haha). I've also been really loving the rap line's song "Cool Rap" which is such a rap line name. The song is just so catchy and it shows off that section of Pentagon really well.

I'm really glad that I'm more into this comeback because it definitely renewed my interest in the group and I can't wait to see them continue to grow in popularity :)

Reference for the YouTube video:
0:00 Like This *Title 3:47 It`s Over 7:35 오늘까지만 11:06 멋있게 랩 (이던, 유토, 우석) 13:57 설렘이라는 건

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