Review: My Decade

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My Decade - 3rd Mini Album
| Release Date: August 9, 2017 |
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars| 

This album review is so long overdue it's not even funny...just when I was getting the hang of posting album reviews relatively on time. Anyway, my ultimate QUEEN is back (was back) and I love this album so much I could cry.

Honestly, Jessica's albums just get better and better and this one is definitely my favorite out of the three. I've had this entire album on repeat non-stop from the moment it released till now. There are just so much sentimental feelings surrounding this album as it marks her 10 year anniversary of debut. 

Her title track is Summer Storm which is a beautiful uptempo ballad that speaks of a love that was lost. The music video is so emotional and explores all the different aspects of Jessica's personality and her growth throughout the years. It's definitely my favorite out of all her title tracks so far and I just wish that she could have performed this on music shows.

Other than the title, my favorite has to be Starry Night because she wrote it in dedication for her fans - Golden Stars. I even made the chorus my ring-tone because the lyrics were just so inspiring:

Sometimes we protected each other in the dark
We belong we below together
No one can separate us
Anything in this world

In short, I love this album and if you haven't gone and listened to it please do! Words cannot express how much this album means to me and how happy/proud I am of everything that Jessica has done. 
Fighting queen!

00:00 - Summer Storm 03:20 - Beautiful Mind 07:00 - Saturday Night 10:04 - Love U 13:31 - Starry Night 17:57 - 봄이라서 그래 (It's Spring)

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