Review: Blood Will Tell

by - 10:23 PM

| ISBN: 978-1986672269 | Pages: 238 |
Publication Date: April 1, 2018 | Source: Barclay Publicity
| Rating: 3 out of 5 stars |

Twilight meets Divergent.
Unbeknownst to eighteen-year old Isabelle, her dad inserted a vital DNA sequence into her blood that made her resistant to the Immortalus virus, but unlocked other capabilities that prove to be the key to the war between the human and vampire race.

For some reason, I don't remember that synopsis being the one I read before agreeing to review this...because it just doesn't sound like my cup of tea - but I can't find any other synopsis. I'm making that point because the given synopsis sounds incredibly cliched and I feel like that could turn some people away from the story. 

Blood Will Tell was strangely addicting and once I started reading, I became sucked into a futuristic world where vampires ruled. This gave me flash backs to Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden trilogy which is one of my favorite series ever - but the only real connection we get is the vampire and futuristic society. More on the writing - Colleen S. Myers does a fantastic job building tension and moving the story forward so that the readers are constantly interested to find out what happens next.

My only qualm with this book was the romance. I enjoyed the characters individually but the romance became such a big factor of the story to the point where it detracted the value of the plot. There is so much happening the Myers is telling us which is propelling the story forward, but because we're focused on Isabelle and whether she should be with Roke or Alex. I'm not opposed to love triangles if they are done right and this one was fine to a point but it took up too much of the story.

As this is the first book in a series, I am intrigued to see how the story progresses particularly with that slightly frustrating (and a bit cliched) of an ending. The story is full of very commonly found elements but for some reason it was still so addicting to read so I think it's still worth a shot.

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