Tour: Unraveled

by - 8:00 AM

| ISBN: 978-1633759138 | Pages: 304 |
Publication Date: April 3, 2018 | Source: Entangled Teen
| Rating: 3 out of 5 stars |

Ella isn’t anyone’s pet anymore, but she’s certainly not free. 
After exposing the dark secrets about NuPet’s breeding program, forcing them to repeal the law that allowed genetically modified girls to be kept as pets, she thought girls like her would finally be free. She never dreamed that it would backfire. NuPet may have convinced the public of their intentions to assimilate pets back into society, but Ella knows it’s a lie. 
They aren’t planning mass rehabilitation...they’re planning a mass extermination. 
Now, with the help of a small group of rebels, Ella and Penn, the boy she’d give up her life for, set out to bring down NuPet for good. But when her group gets implicated in a string of bombings, no one is safe. If she can’t untangle the web of blackmail and lies that extends far beyond NuPet’s reach, she won’t just lose her chance at freedom, she’ll lose everyone she loves.
I can't believe that this book is finally out. I'll be completely honest, it's been ages since I read Tarnished and this series has kind of drifted away from memory. When I got the email about possibly participating in a blog tour for this grand finale I was so on board.

One of my favorite things about this trilogy is the never ending action and we get served that right from the beginning. Admittedly, it took me a while to refresh my memory about on names and what had occurred at the end of the second novel, but I was able to pick things up relatively quickly.

We start off with the Ella and her friends make attempt #1 of many to free the rest of the NuPet girls from extermination. I don't know if it was me, but I knew things were going to go downhill the minute I figured out what was happening. Maybe it's because we just started and so much was happening already that a happy ending so soon just didn't seem reasonable. That was the fine the first 1-2 times, but after they fall into trap after trap, it starts to make me frustrated for them and the plot because we weren't getting anywhere.

I'm wondering if it's because I have reached a mental limit with dystopian novels but I found myself being a lot more cynical towards how certain events were unfolding. However, I still found myself enjoying the story because how can you not? These are characters whom I have seen go through so much and this is the conclusion of all their efforts. My heart still broke with Ella and Penn, was furious with Markus, and cheered for Missy's headstrong spirit - even after all these years, I still cared so much for them. 

While reading, I was reminded about how powerful the message of this story was - yes the story at times had certain lines that could border on cliche, but these are words that our society needs to hear. Kate Jarvik Birch does a fantastic job bringing this trilogy to a close with all the heart pounding action that leaves you breathless.


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