I'm Still Alive - Sophomore Year ✔

by - 10:12 PM

Wow hello there stranger! It has been almost an entire month since I've posted anything and I'll admit I'm a bit rusty when it comes to creating posts right now. Finals season (correction: Finals month) seemed to come out of nowhere and with it came the disappearance of any time and motivation I had to do anything but sleep.

 The good news is that I've survived sophomore year of college and after a hectic week back of interviews for potential internships, I think I've figured out what this summer is going to look like (fingers crossed at least.) So with the end of another school year comes another yearly reflection post and here we are.

Sophomore year was definitely full of growing in unexpected ways. I stepped out of my comfort zone both musically and socially in ways that I didn't expect to. For one, I actually hung out with people! I know, it's quite a shocker, but I truly realized the importance of friendships and I'm eternally grateful to my lovely friends and all the late night talks and ice cream runs.

Musically this year has been nothing short of challenging. Practicing is still not my forte at all, but I'm definitely slowly grasping appreciation for my repertoire, even if I am so sick of the pieces by the time juries roll around. While I still feel like a nervous wreck before each performance, the shaking has become a bit more manageable and that's a win in my book.

In addition to growth, this year has also been pretty frustrating when coming to terms with some things I would honestly have been glad to ignore. But college can't always be full of ups without any challenging times so in a sense I'm grateful for certain events that have helped me shape my understanding of the world around me and of myself and what I value.

This year honestly flew by so quickly it's hard to keep count of all the little details. In short, Sophomore Year, you've been on hell of a ride. Thank for the little lessons and for the insane amounts of ice cream and oreos I've ingested. Wish me luck because Junior Year is only going to get crazier from here!

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