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I honestly thought today was still February but surprise surprise it's March. This month was actually not totally horrible in the realm of books - I felt like I finally got recommitted to reading even though I still only read three books for fun. I've also tried being more active with blog posting and bookstagram (we're going on two weeks strong now!) So yeah, this month was an improvement.


herland by charlotte perkins gilman - () - I read this for my Women's Voices Literature class and it was honestly quite an interesting book. I really enjoyed all the conversations that we had in class about Gilman's portrayal and implications of a feminist utopia. It read very much like an informative journal as opposed to a novel which helped with the speculative process.

their eyes were watching god by zora neale hurston - () - This was also for the same lit class and I was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The experiences that Janie, the main character, had felt so universal and relatable despite her coming from a completely different historical time period and racial background. I think I resonated with this novel so much because of how women in the racial minority spectrum were portrayed - it was just so cool to experience a sense of kinsmanship with a character that I have nothing in common with other than gender.

the demon king by cinda williams chima - () - review - Took me long enough to jump on the Seven Realms bandwagon and honestly I'm a bit underwhelmed. I enjoyed the premise and creation of the story but the character development honestly fell flat. I'm struggling still to garner up a desire to continue on with the series but a part of me wants to find out why people love these books so much.

the crown's game by evelyn skye - () - review - It only took me approximately one school semester to read this...but I finally did it. I definitely didn't fully get into the story until the later 50% but I still ended up getting the sequel so hopefully it won't take me another semester to read that. I enjoyed how the author portrayed the high stakes of the Crown's Game, but I wasn't blown away by characterization.

the winter of the witch by katherine arden - () - review - My heart was ripped, roughly sewn together, and then ripped apart over and over again with this one. I am blown away by the amount of love I have for this trilogy as a whole. As a grand finale, this book did it all. I think it's been quite a long time since I've felt as satisfied with a series ending of a favorite as I did with this one. Even though I just finished, I'm already checking my schedule to see when I can do a reread.

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I think just ending February with a highly anticipated release and having my expectations met and blown just left me feeling really excited and hyped. I'm already looking into what posts I can create inspired by the Winternight trilogy so stay tuned for that in March. I'm counting down the days until spring break when I can spend all day reading and hopefully catch up to my Goodreads challenge because I am unfortunately still behind. 😅

- your thoughts -
What are some books you have finished this month and recommend to me your favorite read, I would love to check some new books out! 
Also, if you have read Herland or Their Eyes Were Watching God, I would love to discuss what you thought as well!

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