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It's currently 9:00 pm and I don't know why I'm making a post. Today's topic somehow compelled me to drop my homework assignments and here we are. The other posts I checked out are a bit more book-related as the topic is an audio freebie. But, because my brain has been in a bit of a muck recently, here are ten songs that have been keeping me sane.

sunrise - gfriend

Every time I hear this song I get chills. It's a go to for lip singing to (cause I can't Korean very well) and Eunha's note literally gets me every. single. time.

stay the way you are - boyfriend

Fun fact, Boyfriend was the first K-pop boy group I legitimately stanned. Take a look at some of their Korean comebacks and you'll understand why - their concepts are amazing. It's really sad that they didn't get a lot of traction in Korea but they're slaying in Japan. Honestly, this song just makes me happy, I can't go through the chorus without at least breaking into a smile.

four seasons - taeyeon

For the record, I love Taeyeon. This song has only been out for four days and it's my new obsession. It is my current go to when I'm walking to class and her vocals are just so buttery it's great. The MV is also just straight up aesthetic goals.

like it - clc

This song stood out to me the most when I first listened through CLC's No.1 album and after I saw the live stage - I think I was sold. There's just something about the choreo for this particular song that stands out to me so that every time I listen, my body is internally dancing along.

where you at - loona

Loona's first comeback is basically groundbreaking for their use of diverse representation in the MV and all the tracks are honestly my favorite. I had such a hard time picking a favorite but honestly, whenever I pull up the album on Spotify, my finger always lands on this song to kick things off. For that reason alone, it got featured but I honestly would not be able to tell you a favorite from this album.

cantabile - wjsn

Hands down my favorite song from the album simply because Dawon wrecked my bias list with her cover of "Youth" and now all I want to hear is her voice. She gets the first part of the chorus in Cantabile and I have honestly been listening to this song on repeat simply for her voice. 

you are not alone - gfriend

Cheat #1 - we have an artist duplicate. This was technically my favorite song from their album but Sunrise grew tremendously on me. Still, since it stood out to me the most, I had to include it on the list. I guess it also has to do with little English line (which also happens to be the title) that calms me whenever I hear it.

show - clc

Cheat #2 - I couldn't not include Show because I love it just as much as Like It. CLC's entire album just showcased their power as a group and for lack of a better reason why I love this song: they got their first win after four years so they can just get two shout-outs.

i wanna be - key ft. soyeon

This is another song that just makes me happy whenever I listen to it. Admittedly, I checked this song out because of Soyeon's feature but I fell in love with the song as a whole. Soyeon's vocals shocked me a bit but they just fit so nicely with Key's as wel as the entire vibe of the song. 

sayonara - red velvet
Concluding this list is this lovely ballad that honestly just sounds so smooth it's calming. This has such a different sound compared to Red Velvet's other Japanese releases and really showcases all of their vocals so nicely. Just listen, I promise it's like a warm fluffy blanket.

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Well now that I have efficiently wasted an hour of my time, here's my list. Honestly, these ten songs are just a couple of mentions because I couldn't list everything I've listened to (that would take forever and I do eventually need to submit this reading assignment).

Music has always been a therapeutic source of escape that I can plug into while stressing over work and I would love to know some tunes you're enjoying!

your turn: what's the last song you listened to?

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  1. I'd never heard any of these songs before. Thank you for introducing them to us.

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Haha I am always down to share some good music :D

  3. Great songs. Thanks for sharing! I also love your blog design. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian