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If you haven't checked out Wicked As You Wish yet, it's finally out and you should definitely pick it up! The story follows a half-Filipino character with magic cancelling abilities and a group of wonderful individuals on the journey to save Avalon from eternal frost. There's a snarky firebird and all the fairytale references you could possibly want! 
pick a theme song(s) for the Order of the Bandersnatch
All-Stars by Smash Mouth, because they are corny like that and it's that kind of classic song that people still remember and recognize, even among teens. (Also, it's such a great song to swagger to, which they would also love!)

which character do you see yourself most in? 
As hilarious as it sounds, probably the firebird. I have jerkward tendencies that I see are also inherent in the firebird, and didn't realize it till after I was done with the initial draft! A very close second would probably be Kensington Inoue, because he has my sarcasm and general humor, though I am not actually an Energizer bunny the way he is in real life. That aspect of his personality I took after my husband, who is the most cheerful person I know - the happy dog to my grumpy cat.
Aww that's absolutely the best (and now only) reasoning that's acceptable  😄 😄

recommend a recent favorite book/movie to a character you had the most trouble writing
Tala was always the hardest to write, just because I was so nervous about her representing my Filipino identity - and as a consequence, other Filipinos - that I was constantly second guessing myself about whether something she does would be what Filipinos would also do. But I persevered! HELLO, UNIVERSE by Erin Entrada Kelly would be excellent - we Filipinos always consider ourselves the underdogs in a lot of situations, and it's a perfect book about never giving up!
Ooh that sounds amazing, will definitely be adding that to the TBR as well.

ice wolf or firebird and why?
This is a tough one, because I love both wolves and cool ass birds! Maybe the firebird, just for the previously mentioned jerkwad personality.
That's the best reason  😂😂😂
what is one fairytale that isn't mentioned in the novel that you would want to incorporate now? 
I would love to figure out a way to add Japanese ghost stories, which is basically also one of Japan's version of fairytales, into the book. Okiku from THE GIRL FROM THE WELL could make a special guest appearance since her story is based on a Japanese tale called the Bancho Sarayashiki!
Ooh that would be another awesome crossover that I would love to see.

If you reached into cornucopia what would you pull out?
It's gonna be either spicy salmon sushi or garlic-fried crab. If I could pull out a whole Korean grilling station from inside a cornucopia, I would.
That sounds so good 😋😋 and pulling out an entire KBBQ set would be amazing, I'm hungry already.

I love the Bone Witch trilogy - which two characters (one from The Bone Witch and one from Wicked as You Wish) would you want to meet in a crossover?
Imagine Kalen and Cole meeting. They're just gonna stand around and grunt at each other, take out whatever trouble there is that's coming their way, then go back to just grunting again. 
Imagine also Kensington and Fox. The utter chaos they would cause. Also, Fox would probably goad Ken into cutting off his arm or something, and Ken would freak out when he successfully cuts Fox's limb off, since his sword isn't supposed to slice through anything living. 
Kalen and Cole would be hilarious but at the same time they would dominate the battlefield. And now I definitely need a cross-over where Ken cuts off Fox's limb and freaks out - the imagery is enough to make to crack up.
I have a full review up which you can check out HERE if you would like to see more of my thoughts regarding Wicked As You Wish!
Huge thank you to Rin Chupeco for taking the time and answering all my questions. 

If you could reach into the cornucopia (magical bag of food) - what would you pull out?

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