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Happy April everyone! March was quite a tumultuous month for the world and I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. It's been rough transitioning onto online learning especially from a student teaching perspective, but I am grateful for the internet and for the adaptations we can make.
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wicked as you wish by rin chupeco - 3.5 stars
a magical firebird and the return of a king
This story feels both new and incredibly familiar at the same time. Rin Chupeco brings together so many fairytale favorites with a new quest for Avalon. The thing that really shines here is her ability to create characters that feel like family even if you just met them a couple of pages ago. I also adore Tala's family and would like to sign up for their family gatherings please, thank you.

the wicked king by holly black - 3.5 stars
Cardan and Jude go at each other and lots of backstabbing happens
The decision to audiobook this was the best thing I could've done for this series. I don't know if it's the narrator or some faerie magic but I ended up enjoying this book a lot more than I expected. The political schemes were intriguing, the desperate grabs of power kept me on the edge of my seat - and I somehow am starting to join the Jude/Cardan ship. Seriously, what is happening?

harley in the sky by akemi dawn bowman - 4 stars
flying across the circus colored skies
This is probably my favorite book that I read this month because I still cannot get it out of my mind. Akemi Dawn Bowman takes family, passion, identity and just throws them together in a backdrop of a circus. It's beautifully written and full of moments that just resonated so much with me. 10/10 would recommend for this quarantine season.

the kingdom of back by marie lu - 3.5 stars
fantasy and classical music from a different Mozart pov
I didn't think I'd actually sympathize with Mozart after spending hours cursing his name in a practice room, but this story is both wholesome and powerful. By following Mozart's equally talented but lesser-known sister, it gives a different spin on the harsh world of classical music with a touch of a fantastical kingdom of faeries and underwater queens.

anna k by jenny lee - 3 stars
rich NYC kids take on Leo Tolstoy 
Honestly, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I loved Anna Karenina but was still wary going into Anna K because it seemed to be so out of my usual comfort zone. I do think, in a different time and place I would have DNF'd this book - the excessive partying and double standards just aren't my thing. However, with that said, Jenny Lee does a fantastic job addressing these skewed standards and how toxic they are so I'm still glad I ended up finishing the story.

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(I promise I'll actually get to Ruthless Gods this month...)

March just keeps throwing curveballs and it's difficult to stay afloat of it all. The constant bombardment of news doesn't help either, but it's heartening to see people still sharing bits of positivity where they can. I hope everyone's well as the world continues to battle this pandemic and soon there will be sunny skies again. 🙂

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  1. i completely agree with you on the rough transition onto online schooling - i've been doing it for about a full month now and still haven't fully gotten used to it! however there will surely be an end to all of this and we WILL get through it. <3
    i also read anna k and i was a bit freaked out by the drugs and the infidelity, because i thought it was going to be a fluffy contemporary hahaha. i've grown to love jenny lee's way of tackling these issues and showing them through different people's perspectives though, and i loved the ending!

    1. One day at a time!! We'll make it to the end of the school year eventually :D I'm definitely interested to pick up something by Jenny Lee in the future especially cause she did such a great job with the issues in Anna K~

  2. I really want to read Anna K, I've heard nothing but amazing things about the book!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. It's such a fun read - especially if you've read Tolstoy's Anna, it's cool to draw the parallels between the different social issues. It's also just really good at highlighting all the different imbalances in modern society. If you pick it up, let me know what you think!

  3. Oh I'm really happy you liked Harley in the Sky, I loved the author's Starfish and can't wait to read more from her :)
    I'm sending you all the love and luck for online classes. Take care of yourself! <3

    1. Akemi Dawn Bowman has literally become one of my new favorite authors!! If you pick up Harley, definitely let me know what you think! And thank you so much, take care of yourself too <3