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Hello there! I currently have two reviews just sitting in my drafts waiting to be edited but I am wallowing in my post kdrama feels so here's an impromptu book recommendation list. I'm usually the worst when it comes to finishing any form of series (i.e. dramas, tv shows, books, etc.) so this is my first drama of 2021 and the slump is real. 

MY ROOMMATE IS A GUMIHO is a fantasy rom-com starring Lee Hyeri as a history college student (Lee Dam) who finds herself entangled with a 999 year old fox played by Jang Ki-yong (Shin Woo Yeo) when she accidentally becomes in possession of his marble. The storyline is playful and full of absolutely adorable moments as well as ones that classically pull at your heartstrings.

lee dam - spin the dawn by elizabeth lim

Dam is fiercely protective, strong-willed, honest, and has a heart of gold that makes her your perfect kdrama protagonist. She's incredibly expressive, loves food, and fully embraces what she's passionate about which makes her character relatable and easy to love. Like Dam, Maya from Spin the Dawn is willing to do anything for her family and also has a passion that's often looked down by others. The two stories also have that element of forbidden romance and all the cute moments that make you smile like an idiot. 

shin woo yeo - the ones we're meant to find by joan he
Calm, collected, with a soft spot for Dam, Woo Yeo is the perfect male lead that gives you all the butterflies. Seriously, this drama had so many moments of just pure serotonin cuteness between his and Dam's interactions. Since he's been alive for almost 1000 years, Woo Yeo is quite knowledgeable and I would personally love to have a discussion with him with just about anything. In light of the recent UN report on the climate crisis, I think it would be super interesting to hear his thoughts on The Ones We're Meant to Find. As he's been around humans for so long, I think he would, first of all, enjoy the storyline, but secondly be able to share some interesting insights. 

gye seon woo - down comes the night by allison saft
I went through so many moments of loving/hating Seon-woo's character. He embodies your typical rich boy in a kdrama who has everyone swooning over him. Of course, he ends up falling in love with someone who could care less about him and thus we get our second lead. While Seon-woo is arrogant and incredibly stubborn, he also undergoes so much character development that makes you wish for a happy ending (with someone else of course). Both characters from Down Comes the Night go through their share of development as the story progresses but Hal Cavendish in particular seems like someone Seon Woo could relate to: rich, beloved, influential, but ultimately misunderstood. Maybe reading about Hal's happy ending could give Seon Woo some hope in finding his in the future.

yang hye sun - gods of jade and shadow by silvia moreno-garcia
Hye Sun quickly became one of my favorite characters for her quirky personality and banter with Woo Yeo. She's such a great side character and friend for Woo Yeo and I loved how they were always supportive of each other even if they bickered a lot. One of her quirks was having trouble understanding idioms and the "modern" lifestyle after being a gumiho for so long. Gods of Jade and Shadow is a beautiful and lush story with a forbidden love story element that I think would give Hye Sun all the emotions. Especially since she's had her fair share of heartbreaks, it could be something that resonates with her. 

do jae jin - the bone witch trilogy by rin chupeco
Jae Jin is seriously a gem and it was his friendship with Lee Dam that made me fall in love with the character dynamics. He is the perfect "puppy" character who embraces his "nice guy" personality and makes the most out of it. He's also a bit of a romantic and his romance with Hye Sun was absolutely one of the cutest aspects of the entire drama. At this point, I'm not even sorry for having The Bone Witch show up in almost every recommendation list, but hear me out - Jae Jin would have an absolute blast with Tea's story, meeting the wonderful characters, and all the lovely relationships would make him smile. I can totally see him finishing the books and immediately running over to give Hye Sun a huge hug to tell her how much he loves her.

choi soo kyung - how we fall apart by katie zhao
I couldn't not include the other part of Lee Dam's friendship trio in this post. Soo Kyung is incredibly smart and has the same fiery and, dare I say, shameless personality that Lee Dam has. She's an incredible support system and is willing to defend her friends and her grades with everything she's got which makes her perfect for How We Fall Apart. I would actually be super curious to see how Soo Kyung would navigate Sinclair Prep's ruthless student body and if her smarts can win her the top student spot, toppling both Jamie and Nancy. 

In hindsight, I really tried to recommend books I haven't talked about a lot but it seems I've failed...but just looking at this list makes me wish I could actually share these stories with the characters because I would love to hear their thoughts. 

Please let me know some of your favorite k-dramas and if you've watched MY ROOMMATE IS A GUMIHO let me know your thoughts. In my post-drama mourning, I also have a journal with me if you'd like to watch me wallow in my emotions.

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  1. I have this one on my watch list since I really love Hyeri <3 This is such a fantastic idea for a book recommendations!

    1. ahh Tasya if you watch this PLEASE let me know your thoughts! Hyeri honestly blew this role out of the water she was so good - I've been binge watching her YT videos just to watch more of her 😂