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Hello there! I may or may not have postponed two reviews for this impromptu recommendation list but Dreamcatcher just won their first music show trophy and now I'm here sobbing in a corner. This group absolutely captivated me from debut till now with their concept and unique rock sound and after 5+ years they've finally won with their latest comeback.

In honor of this momentous occasion, here are five songs from their incredible discography alongside with a book that fits with its lyrics or aesthetics.  

the ones we're meant to find by joan he

Dreamcatcher is truly the definition of unique as with their recent release they've been spreading the message of saving the earth while we still can before the apocalypse occurs. Similarly, Joan He's sophomore novel The Ones We're Meant to Find is a mirror into a future reality when the earth is too polluted to live on and civilization has taken to advance technological cities in the sky. It offers a glimpse into the damage we are causing to our world and how time is still ticking away, bringing us closer and closer to an inhabitable planet. 
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the infinity courts by akemi dawn bowman

Quite possibly my favorite Dreamcatcher song, it's honestly a crime that they did not win with Odd Eye. The finale of their Dystopia trilogy, this title track asks for listeners to see past the perfect façade and the cracks that are forming underneath the surface. Nothing seems more perfect than waking up after you've died to a seemingly carefree afterlife, but Nami quickly realizes that the AI have taken over and there's so much hiding beneath the luxurious appearance. 
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mexican gothic by silvia moreno garcia

The song that started it all for this group. This was an iconic and explosive pre-debut song with a horror-inspired music video that I could not stop re-watching. The lyrics taunt the listeners to chase after the girls who are embodied as haunting nightmares. I was a bit stuck on this song until I thought of Mexican Gothic - on the surface level, there's not a lot of similarities but like the man in the MV, Noemi finds herself stuck in a creepy house and starts hallucinating creepy images and both gave me absolute chills.
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a thousand steps into night by traci chee

Technically Dreamcatcher's official debut song, Fly High is a prequel to their Nightmare series and explains how the girls released a curse that transformed them in the first place. The MV starts between light and innocent tones before switching to darker colors when the curse is unleashed. I instantly thought of Traci Chee's latest release A Thousand Steps into Night because Miuko goes through a similar transformation process when she is kissed by a demon. While their journeys are quite different, there's this feeling of unlocking power that comes with the change that both use to their advantage to propel their stories forward.
honorable mention because I love a good corruption arc - beyond the ruby veil by mara fitzgerald 
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the wolf of oren yaro by k.s. villoso

I have followed Dreamcatcher since their pre-debut days but I think Piri was the first song that made me an official stan of the group. I love the haunting melody played on the flute and the message of this song feels softer as it depicts someone losing their sense of self while waiting for their loved one. It's desperate and powerful in a way that's completely captivating. A character that embodies those traits perfectly is Talyien. Her story starts with a desperate journey to find her betrothed and follows a complex web of politics as she tries to maintain control of her throne. It's action packed with so many twists and her character is as alluring as the flute's melody.
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These are just five songs that I love and they honestly have one of the best discographies in the kpop industry so I'll definitely be revisiting this in the future to update. Please let me know if there are any books you've read that fit the theme of these songs and if you haven't checked out Dreamcatcher's latest comeback, what are you waiting for? 

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    And I agree, Fly High is very fitting for A Thousand Steps into Night XD

    1. I've rewatched their win like 5x already and still tear up every time 😭😭

  2. I haven't really listened to them before, but now that you mention they have rock sound, I definitely will! I always love rock sounding songs- there aren't enough of them in the kpop scene!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. ahh mission accomplished! they are the definition of a hidden gem in the kpop industry - let me know what you think of their discography!