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"But your heart is full of wind and stories. You are the best pieces of us."

isbn: 978-1645674368 | pages: 352
      publication date: July 12, 2022 | source: physical-own/tour
     genre: young adult, fantasy, fairy-tale
     rating: 6/10
Writing: 6 | Atmosphere: 6 | World-Building: 6 | Plot: 6 |  Characters: 6 | Impact: 6

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a story of adventure and sacrifice
Wind Daughter is a companion novel to Joanna Ruth Meyer's Echo North which takes place in a fairytale-esque world of Winter Lords and Wolf Queens, where bargains come with unexpected consequences and unreluctant individuals must journey across time to fix an unraveling world. Satu is the daughter of the North Wind and a weaver who would much rather stay on her mountain tending to her bees than interacting with the townspeople below. When her father's wild magic begins to unravel her family and her home, Satu has to embark on a journey to collect the fragmented pieces while haunted by the Winter Lord who wants the magic for himself.

Joanna Ruth Meyer truly decided to create the softest character ever and subject her to all the pain and loss possible. Satu is described as being easily overstimulated by people and sounds and has a heart that feels every bit of wrong in the world. Putting her on this journey pushes her outside her comfort zone but also causes her to be forced to make decisions that hurt her again and again. While her journey was far from easy, Satu is incredibly easy to root for and witnessing her slowly come into herself and fulfilling her potential was both incredibly empowering and satisfying. If anything, Satu exemplifies that even if you don't believe in yourself 100%, sometimes you just need to that little extra boost from the world who believes in your possibilities.

a love that is unlimited by time
While the atmosphere and writing were so incredibly immersive, I do need to dedicate a paragraph to the relationships. I jotted down a note towards the end that if we didn't get a somewhat happy conclusion for Satu I would riot. Satu deserves her family, her friends, and her world after giving up and losing so much along the way. There's no other way to describe the absolute magic that the latter half of the book was and I found myself going back to rereading moments. It has made me realize that I do have a soft spot for a love that is written into the threads of time and I mean that in all the relational aspects. 

This would be a perfect story to revisit when the nights start to become longer or when you just want a little bit of magic and adventure and definitely leaves me wanting more from this author in the future!

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