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"Words are beyond precious. We think we trade in gold and silver but words are the true currency of our lives. Words are what connect us through time and distance, whether expressing troubles or joy."

isbn: 978-0316300353 | pages: 336
      publication date: August 2, 2022 | source: physical-own/tour
     genre: middle grade, fantasy
     rating: 7.3/10
Writing: 6 | Atmosphere: 7 | World-Building: 8 | Plot: 7 |  Characters: 8 | Impact: 8

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family and dreams
Alliana, Girl of Dragons is the sweetest boost of serotonin I didn't expect to read and was the perfect balance of magic, adventure, and family. Alliana is slowly saving up to join the Royal Academy and leave behind her cruel stepmother and her father's inn. But for every bit she saves, another strike goes on her long list of dues. Her only highlights are spending time with Grandmother Mari and her stories which tell of the adventures of Queen Natsumi. However, adventure is just around the corner when Alliana meets Nela and her nightdragon and is enlisted to help them explore the abyss.  From its first line, Julia Abe creates a world that's full of stories and it's reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. 

My dreams may be great, but my resolve is greater.

This story had absolutely everything I adored in middle grade from its themes to the sense of wonder that comes with self-identity. Alliana's journey is more than just the physical adventure with Nela and the other witches but also follows the exploration of finding herself after spending years of conforming with her stepmother's demands. Her friendship with the witches and their support of her dreams and ambitions allow her to take agency of her own story. 

Alliana's adventure is my first foray into Julia Abe's work and it definitely won't be my last. This novel has left me with all the warm feelings of friendship and a sense of hope for the future.

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