five reasons to read beguiled by cyla panin

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"I loved weaving, but the fabrics I made weren't my only measures of worth. I was more than a bolt of silk."

isbn: 978-1419752674 | pages: 384
      publication date: August 23, 2022 | source: ebook/tour
     genre: young adult, fantasy
     rating: 5.1/10
Writing: 5 | Atmosphere: 6 | World-Building: 5 | Plot: 5 |  Characters: 5 | Impact: 5

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the power of fairytales
Celtic folklore is hands down one of my buzzwords and I'll always have a soft spot for the whims of the fae. The world is immersive and fun that only comes with the air of mystery and danger of bargains with magic.

determination and survival
Ella's story throughout is a testament to her desire to survive and succeed. She eventually has to face the consequences of her actions and seeing her realization of her worth and power was so satisfying.

the portrayal of relationships
It's not a YA fantasy without some romantic tension and this one took a surprisingly different turn. Ella and Callum's relationship highlighted the push and pull that come from toxic relationships reflecting the fickle nature of bargains and their outcomes.

there's always an unexpected
There can't be too much said without giving something away but there are certainly many twists and turns that I wasn't expecting which only heightened the excitement and tension.

the magic of weaving
The vivid descriptions of Ella's creations were so detailed and immersive that I could paint a crystal clear image in my head of each one. 

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