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Crystyle - 6th Mini Album
| Released: January 17, 2016 |
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars |

I meant to review this mini album when I got back to college but that just never happened so here I am...almost one month after release day, bringing you my thoughts. 

I wasn't a huge a fan of CLC before, but I've listened to their previous albums while studying as background music. This one was I had this album on repeat the whole time I was in Taiwan and on the bus ride back to college. I was and still am obsessed with this album and while it's only February, I can say with confidence that this one will be going on my favorites for 2016.

Previously, CLC's concept was more "cute" and "girly" while this one took on a more "badass" approach. There's a bit of controversy saying that CUBE just wanted to create a new 4minute after they disbanded last year and how their title track "Hobgoblin" has Hyuna-vibes. Personally, I'm not super familiar with 4minute but they do share the same label and Hyuna did help with Hobgoblin so it's no surprise that they are similar.

Despite that, the songs on this album are so freaking bomb I don't know how else to describe it. My favorites have to be Liar (omg I love this song) and Meow Meow (this is too catchy). I'm slowly making my way to learning all the members and I really hope they keep this concept but either way, I'm definitely keeping my eye out on CLC in the future because this mini album just blew my mind away.

Time References for the YouTube video:
00:00 - Liar
03:17 - 도깨비
06:48 - Mistake
09:56 - 미유미유 (Meow Meow)
13:15 - 말이야
16:30 - 눈물병

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