Yesstyle Skincare Haul

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Hello world! I've got a Yesstyle Haul to share with you all today. Korean skincare products have essentially taken over the world and so many people are trying to achieve that beautiful youthful glow that many Korean celebrities have. A couple of my friends have been pretty on board with this trend as well so I've heard my fair share of skincare facts. 

Personally, my version of skincare usually consisted of cleanser and moisturizer and that's pretty much it. I recently started using a Shiseido Balancing Water Lotion that my mom gave me and I've been happy with that simple routine. But I've finally caved and did some additional research on a couple of different skincare products and ended up placing an order on Yesstyle. 

For those who don't know, and this post isn't sponsored, Yesstyle is an enormous online fashion and beauty retail that caters specifically to styles and products from Asia. I spend way too many hours window shopping on that site and have a wishlist bigger than my textbooks. You receive free shipping in the US on orders of $35 or above and shipping takes an average of 3-4 weeks. You can also collect Stylepoints which can place you in a specific VIP member group and you can get different discounts through that as well. 

The products came in a small box and everything was bubble wrapped together. In terms of shipping, I placed the order around the second week of January so overall the package came pretty quickly.

The products I picked up were:

Quick note, the prices I listed are the ones that I bought them for. I know for a fact that the NatureRepublic Essence was on a huge discount so the price might vary a bit.

I haven't gotten the chance to try these on my face yet as I got super excited when I opened the package and just set to take some photos and write this post up. I did try them on my hands and they feel so nice. The green tea serum and rose essence smell amazing as well. 

I'll have an update post in the future reviewing these products so stay turned for that! Quick question to wrap things up, have you tried any Asian skincare products and what are your thoughts on the whole trend?

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