Beauty Haul: Yesstyle & Nature Republic

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Hello world! I've got another Yesstyle haul to share with you all today! I realized after I made this post's banner that I have two items that are not Yesstyle products, but the majority of the items are from Yesstyle so we can just go with it. 

Ever since I tried the Face Shop's Mono Pop Eyeshadow palette review), I've been on this huge eyeshadow kick and Yesstyle just happened to be having a pretty neat sale mid-January for Chinese New Year. Honestly, I need someone to restrict me from buying anything else from that site for the next year because two purchases in four months feels so excessive >.< 

I picked up six items recently (from left to right):
Nature Republic Butter Balm x EXO in 01 (Xiumin) 
Nature Republic Butter Balm X EXO in 02 (Chanyeol)

I already own one of the Etude House Dear Darling Tints and wanted to try another color so I picked up this one. I'll have a review of both shades up in the future so keep a lookout for that. PK0003 is a beautiful muted red which is really nice for an everyday gradient lip. 

The other two lip products I actually picked up while I was in NYC (vlog) at the Nature Republic store in K-Town. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of EXO but I picked these up because they were on sale and the colors were really pretty. 

And last we have the eyeshadows! I am so in love. I picked two of the Missha Triple Eyeshadows and they're just super cute and compact and honestly great for traveling since you can do a whole makeup look with just one of them.

 Then we have the beautiful Heimish Dailism palette which I have wanted to get my hands on every since Meejmuse raved about them. I picked Cozy Coral since it was on sale but I swatched the palette and I'm honestly obsessed with all the colors. I definitely want to pick up at least two other palettes but I need to save up some money first o(≧∇≦o)

Those are all the products I've picked up recently! I'll definitely be having review for each one coming soon, I'm trying to maintain a balance in terms of the variety of posts cause I don't want to overwhelming bombard you guys with one topic. If you've ever used any of these products let me know in the comments or if you have a particular product you'd like to see the review first just leave it down below. :)

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