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Feel'Em - 10th Mini Album
| Release Date: March 6, 2017 |
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars |


Hello world! I have been so behind on my album review lately and there are a good number of amazing ones that have released this month and I want to review them all. (struggles) Anyway, BTOB is one of my favorite groups because they're a bunch of super talented artists with goofy personalities. 

This album is so different from their I'll Be Your Man era as it displays their fun and playful side. I was watching a bunch of interviews behind the inspiration of this concept and how each member feels which was really interesting. 

As with their last album, I absolutely love their title track. Everything about it from the colorful music video to just everything! On of my favorite parts is Peniel's rap which is just a masterpiece in itself. I might be a bit biased cause it's the only long portion of the song that I understand since it's in English, but the lines are just so solid.

BTOB also released Someday, the last track in this mini-album in February and it's such in the classic BTOB ballad style. The song is so heartfelt and the vocals just sends so many shivers and goosebumps. The entire mini-album has a bunch of fun and quirky songs that gives the group a bright and colorful image. Also, I'm so glad they were able to win since the competition was pretty intense on the shows they were promoting on.

Time References for the YouTube Video:
00:00 - 말만 해
03:38 - MOVIE
07:22 - ABOUT TIME
11:09 - 빨리 뛰어 (Rock N Hiphop)
14:49 - 언젠가 (Someday)

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