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Rookie - 4th Mini Album
| Released: February 1, 2017 |
| Rating: 5 out of 5 stars |

Hello world! I'm back with another album review and this one is so incredibly late I apologize. I didn't post any February releases last month so I have a bit of catching up to do especially since there are so many amazing comebacks in March. 

I first listened to Red Velvet during their Russian Roulette era and while I enjoyed the title track, I didn't love the entire album. For Rookie, it was a bit a switch as I started off loving the other tracks and not being a huge fan of the actual title track itself. However, watching all the dance covers and music show performances soon has the song stuck in my head and I had the entire album on repeat for the entire month. 

Other than Rookie, I love their second track "Little Little" and got so excited whenever they performed it on music shows. Their outfits on the shows were also so adorable, especially their "Little Little" dresses which kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. 

After this era, I definitely consider myself a Red Velvet fan as opposed to just enjoying their music. I also figured out every member which is always a success for me cause it usually takes me forever to do that. 

Time References for the YouTube video:
00:00 - Rookie
03:17 - Little Little
07:17 - Happily Ever After
10:39 - Talk To Me
14:12 - Body Talk
17:51 - 마지막 사랑 (Last Love)

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