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Social media is both a delightful way to pass time and a never-ending rabbit hole of visual stimuli. This week's Top Ten Tuesday's topic was to list characters you'd follow on social media which I thought would fun to create. I'm choosing Instagram as my social media of choice because I personally spend way too much time on the app and have partially sold my life to the discover's a bit of a problem.

alice - the hazelwood - @aliceprosperine
I don't know if Alice would have the time in her adventure to document her findings, especially if she's constantly stalked by the Hinterland, but if she did I think she'd have a very hauntingly beautiful green-themed feed.

maia - spin the dawn - @starsandscissors
Maia would have such a gorgeous feed featuring all her different creations and of course her golden scissors. When she eventually gets some free time, she'd probably also include some fun family photos or some beautiful mountains. 

nadya - all the wicked saints - @candlesandchants
Nadya pre-monastery attack would have a very calming feed that documented her everyday routine and maybe even the pranks she'd like to pull on the monks. Post-attack would be a different story but could be a place where she documents her personal struggles with her faith.

tea - the bone witch - @ladydeath
I think Tea's feed would honestly be aesthetic goals - from the beautiful asha dresses and events to her exile, she'd manage to make feed awe-inspiring. I think she'd also definitely include some cute photos of the daeva pre and post resurrections.

sarai - strange the dreamer - @museofmoths
Sarai would probably use her account to post philosophical thoughts and/or reflections of the dreams and nightmares she created. She would also have some beautiful pictures of Weep from above though her account would probably have to be private (pre-Muse of Nightmares) to avoid being discovered.

These were the first that came to mind and I actually had a lot of fun finding pictures online to put together a hypothetical feed for these characters. 
Who would you follow on Instagram and what would they post about?

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  1. I adore the images you chose. I'd follow all of these folks on Instagram!

    My TTT .

    1. Thank you! If only they were real 😂 😂

  2. I've not read any of these, but you have some beautiful pictures here! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thank you! Would definitely recommend them - The Bone With especially is one of my favorites!

  3. Oooh, these are some interesting choices. I'd definitely want to follow Nadya and Sarai! Maia's feed about fashion would be fabulous.

    1. I feel like Sarai would have lots of beautiful poetic lines that would just be stuck in my head after seeing them - if only it could really be a thing 😂