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It is already February 20th and I have yet to read a single book. In all honesty, I've just been so busy cause this month I've taken over all my teacher's classes so the lesson planning has been a lot to handle. It is currently February break and my thoughts of reading tons and tons of books have faded away because of my sheer lack of motivation to do anything but sleep and eat (catching up on rest and nutrition take priority). 

I have, however, recently gotten approved for a ton of exciting books on NetGalley, all of which I would potentially like to read sometime this month and into the next. What better way to hold myself mildly accountable than to share them in a post and for an extra fun factor see if I can match them up to some songs I've been listening to lately. 

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scream to the gods
Image result for scream dreamcatcherImage result for ruthless gods
My thing with sequels seems to be that I always take the long way to get to them. I've had this on my TBR almost as long as I've had the first book and I really need to stop putting it off. From where we last left off, there's a lot of making others scream and wanting to scream and that fits quite well with Dreamcatcher's new title track - there's also a switch in the song's lyrics about taking back control of yourself which I think is a pretty accurate description of the story.

so what, who cares what they say?
Image result for so what loonaImage result for wicked as you wish
This one I've actually started and so far the main character is giving me huge "so what" vibes - she owns her personality and outsider status like a boss. LOONA's title track is all about not caring what others think of you and carving your own path which I definitely think will be explored more as the story continues to unfold and the adventure begins.  

you're so done
Image result for dun dun everglowImage result for where dreams descend
Everglow has completely wrecked me out of the blue with this comeback because I am honestly obsessed with this song. Where Dreams Descend is pitched as a Caraval and Night Circus mix so you know it's all about to the intrigue and magic of the circus with the intensity of super high stakes and a game of talent. I haven't even started reading this yet and I can already picture the contestants going at each other with Dun Dun blasting through the speakers.
at the crossroads of life
Image result for crossroads gfriendImage result for harley in the skyI love Akemi Dawn Bowman's novels because they are raw and beautiful depictions of what it means to grow up. Gfriend's new title track also portrays the struggles of approaching life's crossroads and having to make difficult decisions on what path to follow on. Judging from the summary, our main character decides to take some risks with her life and the scariness of making those choices can definitely be intertwined with Crossroads' lyrics.    
taking control of your fiesta
Image result for the court of miracles kester grantImage result for fiesta izone albumI was a little torn on this because the novel itself is a retelling of Les Miserables from Eponine's perspective and I*ZONE's Fiesta didn't seem like a good fit. However, with the help of Google, I found the English translations for the song and I actually think the two work quite well together. Fiesta is all about taking ownership of your life even if the results are unexpected which I think can describe Eponine's journey pretty well. I'm also in complete love with that cover so both of these are top-tier visuals.

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What are you currently listening to and do they happen to correlate with anything you're reading? 

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