one month down | january 2020 wrap up

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Happy February! I meant to get this up much earlier in the month but student teaching has been quite busy, fun but definitely busy. Despite the few hours of sleep and constant state of tired, I managed to read five books in January which is loads more than I would have anticipated and I'm quite happy with the results.
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wicked saints by emily a duncan | 4 stars
prayers, blood, and ravens
This book was darker than I originally anticipated and I loved every moment of it. All the characters are pretty much morally ambiguous which just adds to the intrigue of the story. I was really surprised by how quickly I became invested in the story which just proves how intricately developed the world itself is.

woven in moonlight by isabel ibañez | 3 stars
rebellions and disguises
I was intrigued by, first of all, that gorgeous cover but secondly by the synopsis - a fantasy inspired by Bolivian history? Yes please. The story itself was well presented but I couldn't connect with the characters as much as I would have liked, leaving me feeling detached emotionally from the story. 

blood countess by lana popović | 3 stars
beauty breeds cruelty
Female inspiration of Count Dracula was all I needed to hear to pick up this one. I actually quite enjoyed the historical aspect of the story, learning about how the Countess manipulated those around her, and it was interesting to read the events from the perspective of her lover. At the end, I wasn't emotionally invested in the story and I guess part of me wished for a bit more "spook." 

the book of unknown americans by cristina henríquez | 3 stars
the stories of lives we rarely hear about
My friend read this for her Immigrant Lit class and has been telling me to pick it up since. The stories are incredibly powerful and relevant, especially in our current situation, and portrays the spectrum of humanity in a beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking way. My only caveat is that I wish we could have delved more into each individual story though I did appreciate how many stories we got to hear that we rarely get the chance to experience. 

disavow by karina halle | 3 stars
redemption and justice?
110% impulse click on NetGalley - I had just read another Karina Halle book at the end of last year and wanted something quick and fun. While I haven't read the previous books, this story is essentially a redemption love story where a previously horrible character gets a second chance and a happy ending. Good feels but also comes with trigger warnings for rape/sexual assault.

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