PetitMas: Orchid Swing Pink Contacts Review

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Hello world! Another day, another #PetitMas - today I'm sharing with you guys my thoughts on the Orchid Swing Pink contacts that I've been wearing pretty consistently over this past semester.

Image result for orchid swing pink contactsI picked up this pair from KLensPop over the summer while it was on sale along with the blue and brown colors since it was so cheap. According the website, these retail can retail for anywhere between $25-$60 and I somehow got them for $6.50.

The only downside to purchasing these on KLensPop is that you can never find the same pair of contacts, especially if you buy something in the sale section of the site so unfortunately, I cannot provide a link for you all to purchase these. However, there are a ton of similar alternatives on the site, so I recommend you give the website a quick browse. 

  As with all KLensPop contacts, they come with a plastic case and a pair of tweezers. The graphic diameter of these particular lenses is 13.5 mm with a standard base curve of 8.6 mm. The actual contact is slightly bigger as there's a thin clear ring around the graphics. The color itself, as you might be able to tell from the photo, has streaks of brown which allows the color to blend quite nicely into my natural brown eyes. As pink is such a unique color, it's always fun when people try to figure out what color my eyes are, especially since the pink adds this touch of red that always throws them off.

 Apologies in advance for my pretty ratchet pictures, but I'm slowly getting the hang of taking these pictures (I think). As the graphic diameter isn't huge, the contacts don't give my eyes the huge doll-y look, but since I have tiny pupils, they still have a slight enlarging effect.

In terms of comfort, I probably have some of the driest eyeballs on the planet so I'm extremely picky when it comes to contacts. These probably rank lower on the scale of comfort as my eyes begin to feel dry within 2-3 hours of wear and I cannot go through an entire day without eye drops. They also seem to tire my eyes out pretty quickly even if I'm not staring directly at a screen or the page of textbook. However, they're still manageable and haven't turned my eyes red like some other ones I've tried so they still get a pa

The image on the left is the contact taken indoors and the one on the right is taken directly in front of a window. 
Comfort aside, I still think these contacts aren't the worse I've ever tried. They have a tendency to make my overall appearance look more red-based which you might be able to tell from the comparison picture - and that has to be my biggest complaint.

Regardless, they are still wearable and have a pretty color that I'm kind of sad to have to let them go soon. They've been starting to irritate my eyes a lot of quicker than usual recently, which is usually a sign that it's time to switch (even though the 6 month period of wear isn't up yet.) However, I still have the exact same pair in blue and brown so I'm excited to try those out and I'll definitely have reviews up comparing those once I get around to wearing them.

Overall Grade: B

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