PetitMas: Primark Adventure

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Hello world! I've kind of lost track of what day of #PetitMas we're on, but I'm pretty glad that I haven't missed a day yet. Fun fact, I've never shopped at Primark prior to November of this year and I'm completely obsessed with the amazing prices and limitless options.

There's actually a Primark in Downtown Crossing which is just next to Chinatown where my church was so I made a trip there recently and picked up a couple thing. Okay, confession time, the things I'm including in this haul, only one is actually from this trip - I bought the other things when I went to Primark the first time in November. 

 To kick things off, the first item I picked up is this pink ruffle blouse. Oh, forgot to mention, all of these are blouses because I'm trying to slowly acquire clothing pieces that I can wear to more professional events. Being an music education major, I am required to attend several music-related meetings and events. Anyway, I've already worn this to an all-state audition event that I had to volunteer at and it's just super pretty. The ruffle sleeve detail goes down to just below my elbow and it looks really cute with a black skirt or some dress pants.
 The gray blouse on the left looks pretty plain but it's got this really nice bell sleeve (is that what they're called.) I think the little loop hole detail under the neckline of the blouse adds this nice extra detail and the black contrast really nicely with the gray. Also, I just love wearing gray...

Brace yourself cause I have another pink blouse. I feel like my closer friends understand how crazy it is that I have two pink colored clothing. I usually wear dark colored clothing but there's just something about pink blouses that just pull my attention. Anyhow, this is another blouse with the bell sleeves and it's got this really v-line ruffle detailing down the front.
So now we have the last pink blouse which is the only item I actually picked up from the trip that inspired this post. The sleeves kind of poof around since there are buttons and the extra fabric creates this little poof - I'll work on my clothing descriptions for the future... My favorite part of this blouse is the gorgeous lace detail on the shoulders. They kind of remind me the "cold shoulder" trend but the lace just makes it look more elegant (while still keeping your shoulders very cold). 

 The last blouse I bought recently is this black blouse which I'm really in love with. It's kind of similar in style to the gray blouse from earlier but the white detailing is just more prominent. The neckline is a bit low for me so I find myself pulling at it a lot. I wore this on Friday for my jury and was really surprised by how dressed up I feel just by wearing it. I paired this with a pair of black jeans and some low heels and it actually worked so that was pretty cool.

I also picked up some fun things during the most recent trip but they're actually Christmas presents for my family so I don't think I should be putting them up just in case. Well, that concludes this haul. All of these blouses totals up to $30 which is absolutely crazy (three of them where on clearance) and like I mentioned, I'm completely floored by Primark's prices. Let me know if you're visited Primark before and/or what some of your favorite stores to shop at are :)

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