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The Christmas season can easily get swallowed up by all the commercial lights and wrapping paper but I thought that we could end off our Petitmas journey with some happy thoughts. 2018 had its ups and downs for sure, but it's still crazy to think that those four numbers will soon be behind us. So, let's wrap this year up with ten things (for the 10 days of Petitmas) that made 2018 memorable.

1. Good books
This is primarily a book blog did you think I wasn't going to start off with something bookish? Books and this blog, in particular, is something I'm thankful of because I had serious doubts this year about calling it quits with the whole blog and book review thing but Petitmas and reminded me that I still love making posts even if I'm not the most internet social person out there.

2. Personality test
I fell in love with all sorts of personality categorization this year from MBTI to the Enneagram Institute to something as simple as astrology and one's Hogwarts House. For some reason it's just so fascinating and fun to read about the official and unofficial ways people can be relatable.

3. Ice cream
I'm not even going to disclose how much ice cream I ate this year but coffee oreo you're my new No. 1 favorite.

4. Oolong tea
Another new found love of mine...well not technically new but firmly solidified as a favorite. If you have not tried oolong milk tea or oolong tea with foam cap do yourselves a favor and try it.

5. Instagram
This is another thing that I've loved for a while but I feel like in 2018 my social media life was dominated by Instagram. The explore page on the app - complete rabbit hole.

6. Late night talks
I've never been one to stay up really late doing homework but the past two semesters which make up 2018 have been incredibly full of late night talks. The crazy amount of topics my roommates and I go on are something that I definitely treasured greatly.

7. Hugs
I'm not a super touchy person but hugs are great between family. It's definitely one of the things I miss most while I'm at school because I'm not really comfortable hugging a lot of my college friends.

8. Journaling
2018 was the year I really forced myself to journal more. It was both a creative and mental outlet for me and definitely something that I will continue to pursue in 2019.

9. Drawing
It will take a while but I'll get around to not requiring my feeble attempts at art to masterpieces because I'm not a trained artist. But I do love drawing and painting so it's somewhere for me to start.

10. Fuzzy blankets
Kind of a random one to end on but guys, I have discovered some super fuzzy blankets this year and they have changed my sleeping game.

As 2018 closes, what are some things that you are grateful for? Ten is a lot to come up at once but it's definitely not enough to encompass the whole entire year.

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